Pokemon Go: Gym Battle & Combat Guide! (GoPro & Gameplay)

Sup boys! This is a little guide i put together to help you out in regards to fighting/capturing Gyms! Its got both GoPro PoV & Gameplay! with Commentary

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Atanda Olusegun says:

did you know that you could spin the ball and get a curve ball. by rotating the ball round and round before throwing it

Jade wilson says:

I have a Snorlax that has lick and hyper beam. Are the moves good?

T3rminaV3locity says:

Just rekt a gym there was 3 Pokemon there
600 Hypno
1000 Jolteon
1500 Execute
I rekt it with ..
556 Porygon
782 Hypno
1182 Vaporeon
It was quite funny some kids Sat outside (I’m 15 they were like 12) and they kept looking at me and every time they did I nodded sarcastically and they just got so pissed it was hilarious

Mish Simkins says:

Very useful!!!!! I died my first gym battle too fire the same reason as you. hence me looking up your video lol

Yash gaming says:

i m currently lvl 4 with a charmander a pidgeot a venonat a ratata and a paras

TSD says:

This helped me some much omg

declan d says:

omg thank you sooo much. I have been trying to figure out the battle mechanics for months.

Juho Saarenpää says:

Thx, this helped a lot

Adam Haikal says:

ok now i can battle properly

Be like Pro says:

XD hahahhahahaah lol

snoitamykS says:

i was lvl 1 when i got a mew it was 10 cp i am proud

Palathaxx androqelee says:

And also this guide is horrible

jack murkin says:

go team yellow!! 😉

Spring Woodhouse says:

This was so helpful! Thanks!

DarkChili says:

Thank you so much! SCREW YOU Pokemon GO, not teaching us anything

Disciple Luke says:

captain obvious!

Nompete says:


Aman Agrawal says:

hehe first time when i seaw this guy i thought he is jack swagger

Alex Lopez says:


Jonny YouTube says:

How do I fight it? Like how do I enter the battle, I have no clue and the screen is to small to see how he does it. Ps I know I’m a total noob and Pokemon go

Comet Doppler says:


Michael Chivers says:

So sad.. Im level 15 and i still didn’t know how it work. Thanks man!

Andrew Florenca says:

its so cool now i can be on your team and battle because im on the yellow team too. thanks for the tips.

Nompete says:

that helped me!!!!!!!!

Bill Rabara says:

More please!

archie zaiden says:

There is no better machine than this, swap with bargains
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I am really thankful, and still unpatched till now


Thank you very much

chickenface19 Trev says:


Blanca Figueroa says:

hope you keep doing some more, thank.

Nick Robson says:

very halpfull can you more into death about witch pokemon to use agauinst who.and if cp matters or even where it says 100 just above where you cought it. what do that mea

Antcrusher Gaming says:

Do you all really hate that glitch when a gym turns yellow?

Divine God says:

useless tip

dellandre williams says:

thank you 🙂

Heath Tiger says:

i was like plz dont be red. im blue, but yellow is koo

Dylan wicklund says:

Yellow pride 😉 lol I also chose yellow as its under rated and all over town is red or blue like 0 yellows and I’ve only seen questions gym taken over by yellow a few times so it’s only me and atleast 4 others due to people I seen in the gym not sure though I was driving by

Cath Cath says:

They should have made it so you legit battle using your Pokemon’s moves like you do on the Nintendo games not tapping the shit out of your screen without any skill.

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