Peria Chronicles – Tutorial & Combat Gameplay

Peria Chronicles Tutorial & Combat Gameplay featured at G-Star 2016


Painfulldarksoul says:

I wonder how many pet loli monsters there will be.

CanadianWeeb says:

Best game to roleplay in lol xD

hovsep56 says:

fuck the bloom is overwhelming

kinoshkiwa says:


MLmayko says:

Combat seems off…

LightYagami100000 says:

OMG this looks so good ! I never hyped any mmo, not even star citizen, but I love this one so much ! I love anime duh and this is perfect ! Can’t believe they haven’t made a decent anime mmo yet.
I hope they will subtitle and not dub it for the west !

fooglez says:

Aite boys. We can finally live the dream.

We get to play pokemon with a 2D waifu. Lets go.

Andromeda Delux says:

This actually looks really good, surprising.

Shin.tervention says:

battle seems meh as hell suppose people want this for the weeabo experience

Dwarfy LP says:

Whats up with that combat? I dont even get it. You summon stuff and it autoattacks. From time to time you cast a powerful spell. Although i must admit the spells look really cool and at all the game has very nice looks. It just looks like there is no real action combat at all which (for me) is quite an important factor.

Raven Angeline says:

Damn i want this game out already

- Na says:

To be honest the pokémon system could be very boring depending on how well they execute this, but I want an MMO with anime art style!

Clear Silver says:

Hope the better summons(?) have more than just one move set….

Susan Tuna says:

you can create towns and also towns die if there is no players on them

MakoRuu says:

Kind of excited for this one.. I thought they canceled it.

It’s good to see it back on track.

Minori Miura says:

I want to play this game! x3 ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! WUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Okay be calm, be calm,… *imagens playing this game, too awesome x3

Slave2thedrago says:

Mouth movements are horrible. In generally the movement is a bit buggy.

Everything else looks great

Vayne Carudas Solidor says:

NEXON!? *garbage!*

Enjoy wasting a couple of seconds of your life reading this really long name that isn't that long says:

As much as I like this game, I hope they fix up the combat, having to resummon a sword after losing a combo/ after a certain amount of hits is tedious. Not to mention for options for people ex. people who wants to focus more on physical damage than summoning etcetc

M says:

gonna pass

wolf rain88 says:

needs a darker look and the combat is way to centered around the summoning thing needs a standard combat stile with the summoning thing having a hard time seeing how there going to work together with out one or a few players being over powered as sin something like having a max of 7 monster or more depending on your class/ say warlock/ with you in world but hears the kicker they could make it so pay to win it would be like pebbles fighting a mountain witch would be fine as long as there’s no open world pvp and in pvp the cash shop wells would still want the pebbles because we are better than npc they can summon as a players spot same thing in dungeons so its more or less like having 2 games in 1 in 1 of the games you spend a but ton of money and are able to do every thing with easy except high high end dungeons and high end pvp that gives the best stuff for pvp or pve you/monster’s and in the other one you have to find people to do the dungeons with and pvp with you don’t have a chose and you can unlock the monster’s when you do the hardest pve and pvp raid and win and if you got the monster’s in game and not throw the cash shop by that the ability to use them you loss the ability to use them when the level cap ingresses untell you hit level cap again and do the hardest pve and pvp raids again and i think the ability to build your own dungeon should be for pay to winner’s not free to players because you don’t need that it should be a way to get more money in game that’s all for the auction house to buy stuff from the free to players that make it to end game that should kill or help kill the bots of people that are trying to make money off the game because they have to buy a 55 dollar dungeon builder thing every time they want to start up again after being band so seeing how they would make lots of money off banding the bots they would have band waves a lot

Monti Mafi says:

really am getting a ghibli feel.

Andrew Kim says:

Service provider/Publisher is Nexon, I hope they don’t try to make this a pay2win game. As much as they’re pouring budget into this game, they’re expecting some results from this project.

haruhiro says:

I could give 20 years of my life just to have 1 month of playing this..

Project 4 Giving says:

10:42 NEXON!!! :@
R.I.P. Peria Chronicles

Rita Rubary says:

this looks absolutely gorgeous!

American Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza says:

blablabla blablabla blablabla. . .

Those dialogues give you a very deep connection. This really is becoming dogsh. . i mean one of my most anticipated MMO’s because of its very nice plot and a while variety of ecch. . . i mean gameplay. I might create a girl character and customize it for 4 hou. . . i mean 4 minutes as i think that is a sufficient time to customize her brea. . . i mean appearance. I might also prioritize taming sexy monst. . . i mean badass monsters. Looking forward to it. Nice game to use for fa. . . i mean extra time.

JOHNCROSS 123 says:

tits tits tits!

Major Kushanagi says:

this smashes SAO in graphic fidelity and I’m hoping in gameplay too

Mar Sot says:

This Pokemon style or normal MMO style with classes?.
Thank you

Xx Raiden xX says:

Now just fix up the cutscenes and a few of the clipping issues and it’s a nice game.

The Greatest Comeback says:

The physics needs a big adjustment!

pimp Snowman says:

So i cant really tell, but is it action combat or tab target?

paradoxRapscallion says:

Finally a game with an action-strategy based combat system, looks like type advantage, resource management, positioning, and deck building are the elements of combat. I might just be over analyzing but that was just a basic tutorial. If that is the case, and you consider the fact that this is a social mmo, pay2win might not even be an issue.

Brandi Cheshire says:

I love when she opens the magic book omg

The Legend of U says:

might be the first game is have to download an English patches just to play

Chris says:

It remind me of Lost Kingdoms

AuthorityCat says:

Love the music~

Fampo says:

the walking and running animations are smooth.. but the jump and all the emotes are quite ugh

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