Outward – Combat Gameplay Trailer

Outward is a hardcore, cooperative open-world RPG where you’ve got to be smart, and have a plan, if you’re going to survive for long.

Outward: Take a Backpacking Tour of its Fantasy World:

Outward Gameplay Overview Trailer:

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KimchiMan says:

This game can be big..please support Korean subtitle..plz

Woodman94 says:

Please get rid off that effect where you pause when an attack lands

Rico Red says:

This is going to be the best r p g of 2019.

vide0gameCaster says:

They limited the graphics for what seems to be an amazing gameplay RPG experience.
I’m all for that!

Preston Winters says:

This looks so dope

Warhammer Actual says:

This combat sounds engaging, however watching it’s execution looks very tedious.

Ricky Ozenbaugh says:

Will there be bows and skills for them?

Paul Thomas says:

Combat and item management seems very Witcher 3.

Adam Marin says:

I get the idea and like it but it isn’t being shown well. What is the point of the trap at 1:08 if the enemy is just going to flinch then walk through it? Oh it’s poison.

Gamer's Survival Guide says:

Wow this game looks awful. So rough

Don't Subscribe says:

is this the ost of the game?

Blackthorn 6895 says:

I know there is a lot of people wanting fast travel but as far as i know he didn’t rule of travel by magic and that could be it in some form. I hope this gets in the game and many people help this become real even when the team is small and limited.
Not to sound greedy with this but really overall i’m still satisfied.

Kukwes VR says:

This looks a lot like Dark Souls 2 and 1 combat.

GameRottenHD says:

So hyped for this.

Ryan Blackwell says:

Yeah I love difficult RPGs and using Tactics!

Nostrathomas85 says:

it looks like it plays alot like dark souls

Cam Rase says:

It reminds me a lot of Risen, can’t wait to play

You Know Those Dudes? says:

This looks like the sequel to Elex

TT says:

what about end-game fashion?

Bogdan Nicolae says:

Do mobs have no-clip ON ? Don’t really get why it went through that spike trap like it was nothing…

Thea Perkins says:

This game has me intrigued. The graphics, while not amazing by any means, are still visually appealing and the combat system looks pretty unique especially the magic as long as the control scheme feels intuitive I’ll probably try this out.

desaturated says:

looks ok. honestly all these kind of fantasy RPG is getting quite boring and repetitive to look at.

PervyToast says:

Idk man rolling around and waiting for a hit doesn’t really do it for me. Exploring has my interest though. Hopefully no goblins in them dungeons.

Andrew Scialis says:

Are there any mounts or forms of fast travel? I dig the long travels but how is placement of towns to dungeons ratio? Will there be a lot of wasted walking around? Perhaps a warping spell that at least sends you to a particular town

MCHarris11 says:

Why have I not heard of this before???? This sounds awesome!

Set Ariman says:

Это самый уродливый богомол из всех, что я видел.

klfighter says:

++ like

Phil says:

I know some are complaining about dated looking graphics, and I don’t disagree since it’s 2019 now, but the game starts at $40 and it’s made by a small indie dev team. If one is patient it will likely go on sale in 6-8 months, and IMO $40 is fair if I get 200+ hours, and since it’s a harsh survival RPG with souls-ish combat ( I have 750+ hours in dark souls 3 ATM) I will likely get my moneys worth.

If you’re skeptical, wait it out for a few weeks and watch some reviews, or wait for a sale. But if you’re itching for a new RPG then give it a shot. Just don’t pre order.

Ezra says:

The mechanics and gameplay are intriguing but the art direction is hideous :-

Adam Jensen says:

Gameplay seems interesting, but what is the objective of the game? I cant find anywhere what you are actually trying to accomplish in the game. It just seems to be aimless nonsense leading towards nothing.

Khalfaoui Yassine says:

U see this lvl of fantasy only in games like zelda and fable I hope the best for this game tbh did the devs announced the release date?

Estrellita Wolf says:

Wtf is this crap? Where’s the last of us part 2?

Ren The Villain says:

Definitely giving me ds2 vibes.

Jacob Hinton says:

If they are making magic more ritualistic and it requires such intense planning, i hope they dont limit the magic choices. I always love me some necromancy, and it fits this magic system so well.

Morgan k says:

This game is INSTA BUY!!! <3 support 🙂 Good rpgs

Toy Gains says:

Open world Dark Souls?

Judas Fox says:

Looks amazing but it’s 2019 where’s the cloth effect on those outfits XD

Gabtriel Dante says:

i can see why they were defending fallout 76 lol

Fame says:

Sounds like cumbersome UI and action phases might plague otherwise interesting gameplay

MrMomobot says:

VERY Excited to play this with my Bro.

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