Official High Level Character Combat & Boss Fight Gameplay Demo | Cyberpunk 2077

See a high level Solo character fight through a mission and a boss fight in this Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo.

Watch the full gameplay reveal here:



ironmatto3 says:

This looks like Fallout 4 bad, lmao.

Krzysztof Ruszczyński says:

this looks fucking AWESOME. Thank you CDPROJEKT, thank you POLAND!

vinukabest3 says:

May not be good as The Witcher 3 but still amazing

Patrick Sheehan says:

dont really like the idea of a smart gun honestly. Especially one that can shoot around walls and such. Just makes that the best gun in the game because you literally never have to aim, unless they are statistically weaker than all other guns by a significant margin.

SageFox says:

This is cutdown version from the official video in cyberpunk 2077 channel.

Don District says:

How many bullets does she have? Like she shoots 100000000 times with the same wapon

Paulo Acuin says:

Im a massive fan of the witcher 3 actually im playing it now for the first time but im not sure about cyberpunk. Two of my least fave thing in a video game now in one: fps and the cyberpunk world itself

Magicrap says:

Wow.. if you have a stormtrooper accuracy this game got you covered

A P says:


Nguyen Tran says:

2:29 WTF? Is this a video clip? We are watching a f*ck*ng clip not a real capture from game play. Just pause it and look at the bottom of the screen

kevin mole says:

i have a feeling this we will be the best game of all time even surpassing there own masterpiece witcher 3

A65468970894 says:

It needs third person camera. :/

victor bruun says:

ahh so something akin to FBCs :p
Now for my own little favority combo.. if i ever could afford it anyway… a gemini FBC with a A.I. pal who could netrun the facility while i was busy roaming, And naturally with tons of trickery like adopting the face, body and clothes etc of corps etc bosses i killed. Or just a random nobody lowlevel bloodrazor to gain access. Admittedly getting the razors would be the hardest part forcing a trip via a ripperdoc and recustomization of the arms. OTOH already being a FBC, the surgery isnt exactly comprehensive.

mikke lahtinen says:

I think that this is awesome overall but the powersuit jumping reminded me of advanced warfare which sucked.

TPL_420BlazeIt says:

how can you not like this game? can people stop complaining at one point?

Sodaygo Cortez says:

Noooooo i wanterd third person like the witcher

James Orman says:

“Titanium recharger, three thousand round clip with bursts of three to three hundred, and with the Replay button – another Zorg invention – it’s even easier.”

MARDUK says:

This is how you fucking do it. You show everything, even bugs, without cutting it down. Plain, simple, honest, no bullshot like Ubisoft and many others. Only CD Projekt would be so thorough.

33482 says:

1:52 All you had to do was to get around them CJ!

Perry Stroika says:

Holy shit. This totally is an FPS.

BlackStar Senpai says:


Dr Bedlam says:

You can play this game for free if you already own Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by turning the setting the graphics to low.

Hunnan Haider says:

Fuck my life this looks amazing!

AK Gaming says:

it looks good.

mark smith says:

I just need this and RDR2 in my life. Also why are people complaining about the first person view? a lot of the action looks like it’ll be in buildings, corridors etc so first person makes sense to me.

Random Guy says:

People are expecting this game to give them orgasms and I’m here like “dude it’s a fun game chill who cares if it didn’t meet your expectations just go and play a soulless multiplayer fps, don’t hate on this”

Dontavonne Johnson says:

Well consoles are out. Unless this is ps5 and Xbox One XX. Look like we have to start investing in high end pc now

wx yz says:

Ghost in the shell

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