No Man’s Sky – Ship Combat Gameplay

In No Man’s Sky we attack and loot some NPC ships before defending our resources from enemy space pirates.

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Erries Hill says:

people say it’s boring. Come on, be honest. When was it ever fun to watch someone else play. It’s called a Singleplayer for a reason.

Daniel Gonzales says:

Wow did they focus a lot on the combat in this game ???

Cause I can’t tell.

connor broslow says:

I’ll wait for Star Citizen 🙂

yatespmx says:

The flight controls seem limited, a bit like the recent star wars battlefront style where you can’t roll left or right, but you simply turn. Is there a way to change that control scheme?

CG Third says:

I guess this is one of those games you actually have to play to feel the hype.

ixiahj says:

Can you install different weapons on your ship like missiles or beam weapons? Because it seems like your multi tool has more variety with lasers and grenades compared to the ship weapons.

Carl B says:

don’t understand the hype. looks boring af

vVAstrAVv says:

any advice for the ship combat? i cant win at it. had to warp out of a quadrant cus i was so regularly attacked. cant complain much though. i got rich in the next area lol. but still need help

Николай Голтаев says:

noob pilot

Zood94 says:

This game honestly looks boring as fuck

^^^ you will find this comment on every NMS vid

Dhruv B says:


Teemu M. says:

Where is capital ships and anti-fighter units? This is just dogfight


It’s just an overrated and overhyped game, it’s nothing special

Sir Tito says:

Is there a planet destroyer like Death Star to control and troll your friends’ homeplanet?

Elijah Loggins says:

The game is everything that it was advertised to be. Why are people saying it’s overhyped? It delivered on literally everything they said the game would be about.

Frost says:

I would play it if they added multiplayer. Almost every game is more fun with friends.

Happy Farmer says:

i destroy ships for coin.

sdauz says:

well this looks dull

bennymountain1 says:

So, how is this guy doing? Is this the same as that DOOM video, or does he know what he’s doing this time?

bigpunged4040 says:

i wish you can met other players in this game i give this 3 out of 5

Caleb Michael says:

There’s no sound in space…

andrew54682 says:

you know if you think about it , No Man’s Sky is kind of like the birth child of Spore and a first person survival game .

Flopshel John says:

It seems boring to watch because the music is bad.

MN-14 says:

Space combat is super hard. Especially when you’ve had no practice and suddenly get ambushed by 3 ships!!!1! >:(

DigitalPastaGaming says:

The combat in this game doesn’t look nearly as good than in elite dangerous, but that’s just my opinion

The Unknown says:

wheres the fleet battles

Baby Vegeta says:

orange space looks incredible

Hardcore Panda says:

Shi* combat gameplay!

Justin Mynatt says:

How do you repair your ship once you take critical damage after the shields go down? I just saved up 2mil units and bought a badass ship and right afterwards got hosed by pirates. I survived but am now down to just one point of damage left, and can’t figure out how to repair it… I don’t want to lose this ship! Please help 🙂

SuperSix4 says:

Damn look at those alien shrooms!!

VSVP Gordo says:

everyone is so fucking stupid lmao did you really expected this game to be super awesome with complex dog battles?

derreze jackel says:

do the screens in the cockpit even serve a purpose?

Floppmann says:

the only thing I don’t like is the hit markers. is this the new cod in space?

Anthony Valenzuela says:

this footage looks boring? I have the game and have had some epic battles! GameSpot is joke.

Ieago says:

My automatic reaction to seeing this game’s inventory system in the middle of a fight was, (cringing) “ewww.” I hope it becomes possible to at least hotkey inventory items in the near future. The current shield repair mecanic looks very disruptive at the worst possible moment.

Remerdy T says:

Heres a theory:
Maybe the game isnt over-hyped its just some people (including myself) enjoy this type of game. Just cause you all dont like it doesnt mean its overhyped

Lee Thomson says:

ps4 and there awsome exclusives….bye bye xbox

bigpunged4040 says:

i dont get all the hype the combat its not that great to me elite dangerous or star citizen is better

RainingPixel says:

Warning sentinel interceptors incoming, warning sentinel interceptors incoming, warning sentinel interceptors incoming

AmaymonF says:

Are those enemy ships AI?

SUMIU? says:

millenium falcon

i Granot says:

Wait a second…all that advanced technology and the dogfight is a simple reticle in the hud like a WW2 fighter?? No missles from range?

o7 Kazu says:

Is there TrackIR support for this?

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