NO MAN’S SKY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 LIVESTREAM. This is a NO MAN’S SKY ENDGAME / EndingLivestream.

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clapem says:

Will you upload video of the new galaxy?! Or is the game done for you?!

Angel Santiago says:

Can you crash into a star?

tricknick5131 says:

Is there any reason to do atlas mission over the just going to the center?

Berkan34 Ileri says:

what happened in ending find we our earth

Howard Li says:

quite boring , not enough space battles and a lot of gathering.

NAÇÃO BR says:

muito bom… cool

izzy H says:

damnnnn the game just came out. how do you have all those slots.

Mark Anthony C says:

so can you tell me what the Atlas is?? a robot, a god? what is the player? Nobody seems to be able to answer this questions…

Rad Drake says:

Has he found another player yet?

Vishnu Chandran says:

How do you get the warp cell companion tau thing to go to the bright green planets and what’s in there?

DedPoul I says:

This is not endgame… Watch people live stream on twitch, some people had fighters that cost 33m+ and some explorers had frigates with 42+ inventory slots.

Wuzz yoo says:

God damn, uve upgraded ur suit a lot, I can’t find many of the upgrade thingies

sean rogers says:

Not worth 60 bucks especially not in Australia where it’s 100

Vegetable Madness Ⓥ says:

How did you get so close to the center? I went through a black hole and it said I traveled 1.2 million light years, but thats not true because im still 170 thousand light years away from the center like I’ve always been. Is my game bugged or something? Please help.

Zach Shelton says:

What the hell is the primary storyline?

JV 0923 says:

Lol the devs said it would take years to beat and it got beat in like 1 day lol

Jesse Wender says:

How do you get Warpcell’s?

Zach Shelton says:

Great concept, unique ideas. But maybe it shouldn’t be labeled a video game. All it is, is a project that other games can build there concept around.

Sr. Mr. says:

so if you take the atlas path all the way you have to make a new star to get to the center?
at 6:00 it seemed you could have made it to center before completing the path.
also thx this video is awesome

ReGlitch3D says:

i have a feeling this game was orginally $15

G Mat says:

I saw no endgame. WHAT a waste of time.

Jake Goldstein says:

are they going to make updates to be able to do way more stuff like build anything?

LazyFaux5656 says:

The game looks boring as all hell.

Summon256 says:

Why the heck it says live streaming when i clicked on this video?!

robinchwan says:

Dlc idea! You can build and own a space station… You can own a planet and have it mined! You can also have friends visit you!

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