NO MAN’S SKY Combat Fight Trailer Gameplay PS4 2016

NO MAN’S SKY Combat Fight Trailer
NO MAN’S SKY: On a planet, players are equipped with a multi-tool to defend against deadly predator creatures and mine resources. Attacking creatures – aggressive or otherwise – or mining resources will call the attention of the Sentinels, a robotic force who seeks to keep each planet in a natural, undisturbed state. The more you fight back against the Sentinels, the higher your Wanted level, and the tougher they will become – from flying drones to quadrupedal machines, towering walkers and eventually dropships.

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A Ton Of Clay says:

We’like share Gears of you share this.

Anthony EagleElk says:

So you just upload game designers trailers for subs & likes basically stealing from them, directly from their channel? 550K Subs? Dafuq is wrong with people? Help the designers out not some scrub

Focused Wolf says:

This game needs more lensflares and seizure flashes.

Yann the Draconian says:

Most of players today are in hardcore mp like mmo or fps and most of them is young boy that game are for mature ppl but thats only my opinion

SweetPotato Dingo says:

Is it only on ps4

Yann the Draconian says:

what part you didn’t understand ?

Blast Tyrant says:

The actually combat gameplay looks terrible. This is Spore all over again. Great concept but not actually fun enough to warrant the hype.

marco streng says:

Combat sucks in this game trust me.

John Krigeris says:

Please tell me there is some sort of animal combat with an assortment of weapons (preferable a mix of energy and ballistic)

Or at least be moddable so we can add such things

Denzel Romero says:

Holy shit that shooting is fucking horrible. Glad to be right that this game was going to suck .

Negan says:

people are only angry because it wont be proper multiplayer..

Pyromancing Plasmid says:

This would be better if you could explore with friends, but nooooooooo.

Dead Channel 5 says:

Combat looked meh. Good thing it’s not a combat heavy game.

Wolf Gaming says:

Better than infinite warfare

Mr Harper says:

where’s the combat trailer.

chiMarkgames says:

I was so excited to get this game and I don’t know why I’m not feeling much now. Maybe because it got delayed and I just thought to forget it and focus on getting my final fantasy 15

Yann the Draconian says:

@MKIceandFire are you gonna play nms?i will

FoodFrogs says:

I hate how this game scares me.

james biagtan says:

These would be a hundred times better if it has a STORY.

Fay kol says:

The people in the comments who are bashing this game before its released are xbox users, I guarentee it.

Adel Yonis says:

0:28 on the bottom right corner

Joshua Nguyen says:


Iz Happy says:

Every game people have to find a problem

-crap graphics
-guns look,sound the same
-no PC port, well fuck you

Its a game

Julian FFA says:

I really like how does a combine the aspects of it shooter, an exploration, and a racing game. The flight looks smooth, the combat looks pleasing, especially since I started gaming with FPS titles, in the atmosphere is so amazing

Caleb Williams says:

The thing is I want this to be good but this has an infinite number of planets and shit but the game is what 5 gigs and the main guy admitted that most of that is sound how the fuck?

Josh Nixon says:

When the end title credit is almost as long as the trailer

田口アレクサンダー says:

God people. Everyone complaining about how the game is not a multiplayer game – get your facts right. The game is online all the time, and you can meet other players during your travels in the galaxy but the universe of NMS is so big that you won’t come across each other that often. And in my opinion works much better, unlike multiplayer games these days where you get shot by someone every 2 minutes and places are crowded with people – it kills the atmosphere. It is meant to be this way. Devs said the game can also be played offline for those preferring that way. And I like the graphics so much better than the ultra photorealistic ones we’ve seen on the past games.

Nijda says:

For people who seem to be confused as to whether or not this is multiplayer; it is, only each players
is so far away from one another you may as well call it single player. For people who seem to think this game is going to be shit because of the barely hour plus footage we’ve seen of it so far;

Moh Athletic says:


Iz Happy says:

Every game people have to find a problem

-crap graphics
-guns look,sound the same
-no PC port, well fuck you

Its a game

Noah XC says:

will you be doing gameplay of the game when its released?

ESigma says:

I hear they’re getting sued…again. Infringement for code this time

0SToRmZz0 says:

this universe is like a 2% of the real life universe :/ !!!

BasedWorld says:

More trash

Capt2000_price says:

Is this game multiplayer

wilson A. says:

wtf !!!!! deception,

Archivist42 says:

For those who aren’t fond of how the shooting looks, I think it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not really going to be a focus. In most first person games shooting is given a lot of attention as it essentially carries the game. You couldn’t get away with terrible gunplay in battlefield for example because it’s what players will spend most of their time doing.

Here however, shooting looks to be more like an extra feature – after all it’s advertised as just one of four gameplay mechanics. Although you are technically shooting from a first person perspective, no one should be branding this a first person shooter.

A simple comparison is the combat in minecraft. It’s super simple, and couldn’t possibly carry a game by itself, but I’m definitely glad it’s there. I’d imagine the same applies here.

StalkeraBg says:

Reminds me too much of Stargate Universe
The endless space, the neverending exploration and things players to find
And we dont know if our world actually exists in there- if we can build ships, ill build mine like Destiny

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