New Gameplay And Details On Creating Sekiro’s Combat

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Ben Hanson interviews Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s lead game designer Masaru Yamamura about designing combat and how it differs from his work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The video contains a lot of new gameplay showing off several fights in the Hirata Estates area s well. You can learn even more about how progression works in the game by visiting our hub for a month full of exclusive content at


Anônimo Diz says:

I just wish it had some more unhuman enemies to fight against.

chun yin kwan says:

But they still have spinning attack 😉

SilentEvil2 says:

I need this shit now bro. I need my Souls fix. The only niggas who half did it right was Nioh and Salt and Sanctuary. The Surge and Lords of The Fallen were ass. Hurry please.

sakamoto tatsuma says:

Tenchu plagiasm. . . . . . .

Littleton Carey says:

As Sekiro the Shinobi Warrior. You must enter Wu-tang 36 Chambers

Woo Nam says:

0:45 Did I see that right? The protag using the rock during the one armed back flip?

LangCaster says:

a company smart enough to know combat is key, that’s why they make a fortune.

Ramone Wilson says:

I’m happy that it’s not a spiritual successor to tenchu, now we need a new tenchu game! Imagine it on PS4 or ps5 it would be out of this world!

Dory Molina De Pineda says:

Gotta love the dodge animation ay 3:10

Also that one insta kill at 3:14

dá wise guy says:

200 hours plus

Felix Argyle says:

So it’s dark souls with only a katana. gotcha. Actually, it’s just Nioh. The whole posture thing is just Kai from Nioh. It even has the killing blow shit.

Mr. Skyscraper says:

Sekiro is the dark souls of souls-likes.

TheGamerPandA says:


Manta Samanta says:

Tenchu and Sekiro best games from Software


I love fromsoftware if there going to make a new game they are going to make it feel different from their other games. Pre ordering in my opinion is a bad idea but if it is a fromsoftware game it’s fucking worth every penny.

MasterTonberry says:

I was hoping that we would get a remake of Tenchu by FromSoft, but this is pretty cool that they took elements from those games to incorporate into Sekiro. Can’t wait to play this game in a months time!

Donnie Ingram says:

I hope the attack button isn’t mapped to R Trigger That will ruin this game. Map it to X or Square.

gob says:

FromSoft pls let me find and equip the moonlight katana pls. pls.

Nico Toebinte says:

Can’t wait for this beautifull game


might be their first good game. 8^)

shay packie says:

Change the brain we have been parrying since 2011 lol

Chinuch says:

This combat style is getting really old by now for me…

An Angry Yordle says:

So it’s Nioh

Radsoe says:

I hope they removed that ugly nodachi on his back for good…

ZakR says:

This is sick

Samuel Reid says:

This and outer worlds are my most anti games of 2019

Kouldor Bane says:

When then deflecting better be easier lolol

Daniel Casillas Aréchiga says:

I like how the entire Fromsoftware team have said a million times that this is not a Souls like game and Fanboys still claiming and expecting this to be a Dark Souls/Bloodborne set in Japan..

Pioneer674 says:

I hate to say it but this really is a sort of tenchu successor because tenchu is the clear inspiration yet they aren’t making another tenchu. So it’s kind of red herring. The grappling hook the death blow, and long stretch but even the tools are reminiscent of tenchu. I’m not complaining this is the closest to tenchu as we’re ever going to get

TheAveragePotato says:

I’m surprised that they would belligerently copy Nio and get away with it smh.

Denis Domenico says:

Why nobody talk about nioh? It’s original like nioh^^

Ruben Pereira says:

I like more bloodborne then dark souls u guys think this is worth for me?

Mgtow Shinobi Historical European Swordsman says:

Would be so much better if you could use a longsword or greatsword. Hema front and back edge thrust mix combinations.

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