NEW Code Vein Combat Gameplay and Boss Fight – E3 2018

20 minutes of Code Vein combat with Louis and Yakumo as companions and a look at the Invading Executioner Boss Fight.

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Matthew says:

Why did they make an anime version of dark souls?

Demosthenes says:

But can we use r1 r2 to attack

W H E R E I S Y O P A R E N T S says:

Also, you can almost tell this guy/girl isn’t a ” Souls ” veteran. They leave themselves wide open, standing still and leaving themselves open for attack when you can easily dodge, wasting whatever counts for ammo on shots that you could easily kill with melee.

Idk, it looks nice but the whoever is playing is irritating me with how bad they’re being. They’re trying to sell a game, but how they’re playing is just off putting.

Comment Man says:

She is one tough bitch!!

Seans says:

Anime Darksouls?

W H E R E I S Y O P A R E N T S says:

I forgot this game even existed tbh

BlackResus says:

a boss with a pole dance attack….ok

Ahmed Qasim says:

im getting thos for sure

Stefan says:

I think it looks cool, but these generic voicelines are really annoying/boring: “That’s bad…” “Do you still have any healing left?” “No harm in being prepared…” and so on…

semajkecyr says:

this looks like so much fun.

FromPlsNerf says:

Looks great. I just wish there was PvP

Jr Montgomery says:

This game is seriously looking much better than I expected!

Blockdigit says:

Anyone else looking forward to this game?

NitariaRex says:

Waifu executioner

MoeHolyGhost says:

Why can’t anyone look into invasions?

Boomstick Gaming says:

Looking MUCH more weighty and polished since its initial debut.

MrBoywonder1985 says:

These boss fights are crazy with the AOE attacks

Vinylpie 100 says:

Oh my god this just answer so many questions I’ve been wondering one is there armor to I want to see how the gun works and they have been answered and they are amazing good job from you got my money

FromPlsNerf says:

Also notice at the missile you rest at there are options to change partners. Where is the option to play Solo?

김진휘 says:

Could’ve been better with more Zweihander gameplay.That looks so cool.

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