NEW Ashes of Creation Arena – Action Combat Gameplay in AoC Alpha One Arena

Welcome to my Ashes of Creation Alpha One Arena Gameplay video! The purpose of the Alpha One Arena is to test action combat along with the art and code in a simple format. Stay tuned for more upcoming gameplay the castle sieges and horde modes when they become available and register for the alpha using the link below so you can try it out yourself!



🎮Ashes Of Creation Alpha Registration:

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More info on Ashes of Creation:

Ashes of creation is an open world, non-faction based, high-fantasy setting. Ashes of Creation boasts a reactive environment that changes based on player interaction, either for better or for worse. Players must work together to rebuild their lost world and unlock its secrets, all while fighting for survival against NPCs as well as other players.

Key FeaturesReactive World that Changes Based on Player InteractionAshes of Creation uses a dynamic node system, unique to MMOs. Nodes are widespread locations throughout the world that players can develop when they complete quests, fight monsters, PvP, etc. Nodes have their own experience levels which grow as players participate in normal activities within their “zone of influence”. Nodes can eventually grow into camps, villages, and at their pinnacle, metropolises. As these nodes grow, so do the quests and services the nodes offer to players. However, nothing lasts forever. World events may trigger horrific monsters which can attack nodes, even other players may pose a threat. Every node has the possibility of being be attacked and destroyed, the reinforcing of competing interests lies central to philosophy behind node design.Massive PvP Sieges for Castle DominancePlayers can work together to siege castles and take control of territories for themselves. This is done through massively multiplayer siege warfare where hundreds of players can come together to attack or defend key targets. These castles are the epitome of guild driven politics and exert control over the nodes that fall within a castle’s region of influence.Caravans & Strategic TradingIn Ashes of Creation, our economies are regionalized, both for our marketsand our resources. Caravans facilitate the transit of goods between regions. Initiating a trade from one city to another will create a caravan that players will need to defend while it moves along its route to its destination. These caravans create PvP zones around them, allowing other players the option to attack it. Caravans are integral parts of city development as cities require a massive amount of resources to upgrade. Players will be able to move their resources and set up shop in other areas of the world in order to take advantage of the new developing markets.

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Gladius Gaming says:

Missed most of it but it looks like an interesting game for sure. Good stuff, Z. Keep it up

Rock Zalt says:

Looks like a sword and magic battle royale. At least it seems there is a little more time spent in combat in order to eliminate your opponent, or maybe that’s just the highlights which were chosen?

Samuel Gelner says:

battle royale games are like the next dayz…. everyone keeps making them years after they’ve already peaked

Marc-Alexandre Plouffe says:

Aw man, I’m jealous! Nicely done sir.

Drunken Dwarf says:

It’s cool to see you looking at AoC it’s kinda my obsession atm XD but, if you make another vid of AoC it would be cool if you make sure people relize it’s just a testing mode for the MMO

kibbetto says:


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