MtG Modern Gameplay – Mill VS Boros Combat

This week we do some Patreon decks (link below). Based Trucker brings us Mill and Trevor Johnson brings us Boros Combat! Will the Mill deck be able to reduce the Boros deck to nothing before it can double down? Find out now!

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Boros Combat Decklist :

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Starring : Jesze Kaszas as ‘A Chubby Fellow’, Jeff Van Ryn as “Atkst” and Mister Boopster as ‘Mister Boopster’

Edited By : Jesze Kaszas
Thumbnail By : Jesze Kaszas
Outro By : Jesze Kaszas
Intro By : Jesze Kaszas, Jordan Tymburski


SweetandSaltyMinx says:

That’s a lot of crabs!

DermoNONE says:

why is it Boros Combat when the deck is Naya?

Roberto Camerlingo says:

being a short video i initially thought that boros would take the win,glad i was wrong

Ryan Etherton says:

Boros…? Isn’t that a naya list?

The Squirteler says:

Another fantastic thumbnail

crispyimmortal says:

Ohh Mill the best or worst deck.

shane n says:

NO skill required with mill….

Shelf says:

what sleeves do they use?

Aerialification says:


Ray Silvas says:

when he untapped for his second combat phase shouldn’t he have milled out in game one?

Frey Jepson says:

With the right build, mill can be staggeringly fast.)

TheCeltic91 says:

have you guys ever played commander?

BlazingNest29 says:

Why did atkst stat with 8 cards?

Box says:


Jose Valdez says:

probably my favorite way to see who goes first ever

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