MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Gameplay Demo Baraka Vs Scorpion (2019) PS4/Xbox One/PC

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Gameplay Demo Baraka Vs Scorpion (2019) PS4/Xbox One/PC.

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Alan Pirez says:

ninguno supera al armagedon o al shaolin monks!!!

Samuel J. Diamonds says:

Crowd : *WOooooAHHHH*

pliit says:

Wow this isn’t brutal at all. I’ll buy this for my son who is 12. Cya later unless he bashes my head in with an axe. Ty

Jobe B says:

My 6 year old would say; that’s buscusting Daddy.

Jacob Crowthorne says:

The characters outfits in this look like they have some kind of gay fetish, their skin is too clean, every other move looks like a fatality and the violence is just so sick and over the top it’s like the devs really want to get in all the papers and get a game violence clampdown to happen…

Richard sexy Loquendo says:

No sé qué dice pero miente ….

Taiel Millan says:

Acá está el comentario español que buscabas compañero :v

No man nunca tuve tantos likes :v

King Wordl says:

Baraka no habia muerto en el 10? :v

Celestial Wing says:

I love how gory and brutal this game is ♥

Shadow says:

Where are x-rays

Bruno Henrique Oliveira says:

Ta certo que o Baraka é um dos personagens mais apelao do Jogo MK,mas que fatality mais foda cara

John H says:

I must be the only one who really liked the 3D arena style combat

Mariano 950 says:

es una obra de arte

Magic Ëlixer says:

Damn I remember when this game was 2D

soulassassin0g says:

Barack Obama is back and he’s deadlier than ever!

Panchito Peralta says:

Donde verga esta shaggy

B-B-B-Banänäbrääken says:

So..Thats what scorpion looks like without the mask :p

Артём Грановский says:

Всем пиздец, люди жаждут силы и крови. Машины нас захуярит и это правильно

J M says:

Ed Boon is one twisted fella.

Rip Ivy says:

Bruh 3:30

Георгий Третяк says:


Bjørn Erik Fjeld says:

skip the x ray, moore normal figting and lots of character skills

Simbionte Venom • Hace 23 años says:

Baraka is cool

soulassassin0g says:

What’s the point of fatalities anymore when the normal moves look deadlier than the finishers?

shaggy says:

y yo donde estoy?=

leilani evans96 says:

add spawn and ghost rider to the game. they’d have some sick fatalities

Martín de Jesús Ruíz Hernández says:

*Y Shaggy??* :’v

Shaf Hussain says:

Will never better MK1/MK2

Diego Albiz says:

No me gusta para nada una tontera. Q vuelvan el motal cmbat de antes donde muestra las vedaeras pelea defensa piñas donde se podian esquivar los golpes .esto es una mierda

Sein boumelhim says:

Mortal kombat is so damn awesome . The only one that is hated is kano , what a waste of programming !

The Fish Rip the Modders says:

I bought IT AND IT Said expected download 21/4/2019 AND i didnt get IT WHEN DID u get it

craddock619 says:

Baraka is a beast.. Literally

assasyn z says:

This game are beautifulle

Zach Poolos says:

We out here eating brains

javier ondre salazar says:

perfect game

Shay says:

Baraka’s teeth straight up looking like a toothbrush

imam Ulap says:

Pasti haram di indonesia

Denis Sulovic says:

LOL that end

MugiwaraRikkon says:

Sin shaggy el juego no vale la pena

Edik Bobal says:

Охуеть, вот это я понимаю мясо

alejandro carrero says:

And Shaggy >:v

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