Modern Combat 5 – New Heavy Class Prestige Weapon (Fire Fly) Gameplay – LIVE!#90

Modern Combat 5 – New Heavy Class Prestige Weapon (Fire Fly) Gameplay – LIVE!#90

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Shakila Nisar says:

Actually I am a boy

Ervin Itc says:

1k credit wuuu

ρσσя gαмєя says:

Love u from india

gamer boy says:

Im from pakistan but dont mind bruh you are noob☺

Shakila Nisar says:

And assembled two guns

Jonathan Kilroy says:

It’s good but it has slow reload

Yahya Nadeem says:

Hi my name is Yahya and i am your biggest fan I want credits plz i sub you for like 10 months i want it plz plz plz

Yaqoob Madni says:

Please give me

Dampa 93 Niki says:

Hybrid gamer yt. NAB HA HA HA

EJ Paragas says:

Is this an online game??

ATOMICK GAMER yt 12 says:


Suj Vadsaria says:

Can I win the giveaway plsss plss

Gautam Singh Mourya says:

Keep up the good work! Its good to watch your videos and learn something about the gaming skills from you.

Loganist says:

Firefly vs vlad comparison vid!!

Almir Kaqiu says:

Hey my game is not working men,i am at 61 level and i got cull wepons

Hybrid Gamer says:

Drop a like if you enjoyed the vid
Lemme know your thoughts about the weapon

baxen daxen says:

Big fan shout out to me bro


Happy new year !

hanter fahim says:

Multiplayer maps, campaign maps r not downloading what can i do

priyanka meche says:

Bro post some videos in second channel

Jeiel Henry says:

Bro I need credit

ali raza says:


Siôrs_PHARES says:

“I’m not so sure about this weapon, I swear to God” x8 …LOL

Colman Tieszen says:

Keep up the good work watching your videos helps me learn alot about mc5 and how to roll like a pro


Please give me 1000 credits I need it because I am a noob please

Farhan Said says:

7:20 that’s laging tho that’s happening all the time

rko rko says:

I subscribe

indrajit jadhav says:

make a video of judgment knifing gameplay

Drak Knight Vp says:

I like english more. Because not everyone understands urdu. Hybrid. And you have fans from all over the world. So you should make videos that everyone understands

Shakila Nisar says:

Hi hybrid gamer i love your videos i want to play with you i opened two bounty Hunter packs and i found two blueprints of two guns

Javed Ansari says:

Bro I really need credits.

Tej Kiran says:

Already subscribed bro

Huzaifa mahir says:

I know only lgr and tier 5 sniper easr

Jonathan Kilroy says:


Arshdeep Singh says:

I subscribed to the channel, hope I win the giveaway!

FazeHD -Gaming says:

I really like your videos Hybrid you should make daily vids that would want more people to sub to your channel

حسوني السيد says:


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