Modern Combat 5 – HACKER SPOTTED + OR-HE Gameplay – LIVE!#115

Modern Combat 5 – OR-HE Gameplay – LIVE!#115
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Manny Blackstar says:

Play PUBG instead of fortnite.

Ak_ Adnan_Abir says:

Love you brother miss you long time I have seen you

Naaif Abas says:

can l join yo squad

Hybrid Gamer says:

Can we get 700 likes on this video?
Love y’all <3

Somesh Kumawat says:

Aap ko kitanaa waqat lagaa Grinder paane me ?
Please tell me ( Sar )

Minecraft / Grand Theft Auto says:

If u look at the stats. Hauzzer is actually better.

Lyndell Richardson says:

I like all of your vedio

Virupaksha Acharya says:

What to do if we have pc and also i phone how to download

Prince Roy says:

I also think mc5 should be banned (account should be allowed to transfer) on pc its only way to stop hacking..

Manny Blackstar says:

Padle bc.

Madhav Soni says:

Which gun is it anyone tell me plss

Sauske Uchia says:

and hybrid gamer..good to have you back after 2 days

Jer Xuin Choo says:

Is it okey to play with the fully upgraded rcf 08. I play with that gun a lot in the kemono armour

sitaram sedhai says:

hi sry i missed live and do fortnite and critical ops both

Joginder Singh says:

Modern combat versus ,please my all friends and my sister too .

sagulzar says:

Fortnite ❤️

Boss Flow Gaming says:


Boss Flow Gaming says:

Tell us the news update what ???

MixSingher says:

We Don’t Have To Hit 700 Likes,W Have To Hit 7000000000000 Likes More Than Despacito



AydarthGamer TR says:

Selamın aleyküm

Soma Ahmed says:

U shu should stop playing mc5. Or u should 1st learn how to play then post videos.

Gagandeep Singh says:

When will the bonus event come for oni??

Ezra clg says:

Hybrid play with the vice agents dreadeye.

GreenLightningStrike Plays Games says:

I believe that OR-HE is actually better than T9 R.C.F

Muhammed Ozayr Eshak says:

Yes!!! Fortnite please

Aryan Sukr says:

8:00 wow .they have vice and dreadeye..hahahaha nice

Jahzeal JR says:

If anyone spots a hacker, report him immediately. I was just playing a CTF match in streets and saw someone ontop of the buildings running around killing everyone.

Facundo Porto says:

They need to fix the hacks more than nerf the snipers, if they do both will be good tho

Mohammad Hosseini says:

play with imp

Yug Bhagat says:

Sorry hybrid can’t hear ur voice…..I used to watch ur videos with headphones…..but now my brother stole it and his it somewhere…….so hope u talk loud……Thanks……..I also play mc5 my name is WhiteLord

Andrew Pearson says:

i get more kills with my lukes pistol than my AR


Pls make eer15 gameplay

《Awesome_Gaming》 says:

They should remove dreadeye

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