Metro Exodus’s Survival Combat Gameplay

Metro Exodus Gameplay featuring Open World Survival Combat in the desert.
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Info about this game:
Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games that blends combat and stealth with exploration and survival in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created.

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Dank Vader16 says:

You deserve more subscribers and likes! Keep making amazing content!

anthony sunseri says:

Kind of wish they added limbs to blown off in this.

MZANTRIS 87 says:

Ak47 sounds like some survarium gun sound

Nyx says:

i been waiting so long for this video…

شہری بھابھہ says:

Why did you put ur selfie in the thumbnail??

Shamenn TM says:

Дружище, лучше в русскую версию играл бы. Поверь тебе понравилось бы)))

My name jeff??? says:

Nice gameplay

Lucas Fernandez says:

As expected this video greetings from Argentina

mr bandido says:

this game is really sick where do you play this?

Aneesa Kamar says:

Basically fallout with russian peoples

Slyer says:

Привет из России)

Ra y says:

Textures are so bad in Exodus while it’s a 2019 release and powerful graphics cards are here too.

EclipseWH says:

@ 6:48 Artyom gave that damn thing the wombo combo

A Question Mark says:

This is the Fallout we deserved.

Mantis says:

why are you killing those poor creatures ,

Marawssa says:

I dont know why ign didn’t just ask this guy to play the demo



Gui Aurelio says:

this game is awesome!

OmniClipz says:

This ain’t survival u don’t even have it on ranger mode

jyd1384 says:

Yes, basic style AK47 is the best answer for Artyom’s hardcore adventure like this. The basic style AK 47, it’s a most amazing weapon in Metro weapon system due to its typical rifle for grunts. It goes without saying!

Isaac Alves says:

wait sam is American right? so why doesnt he call in the AC140! All problem Problems would have been solved:)

Ehhh just Chillin says:

You should do rage 2

Sb Hb says:

love from Iraq

Zare K. says:

Literally no blood or gore. So much for gritty post apocalyptic environment

Timo Louhelainen says:

good to see u playing again after long time Gamekiller346 🙂

Terry Tracy says:

if you use the flame ball bearings he made for you they kill them in one hit, and the spiders too.

Game Runner478 says:

so they can hack things right?

Gavin Morrissey says:

Gotta love tank Dempsey in metro exodus <3

Isaac Alves says:

AK47= Best Gun in the World now-a-days

Диванные войска says:

Лет ми спик фром май харт…

Red Comet says:


Wing ZX1103 says:

Okay….now do the other two hotshot.


Mad max.

Howyoudodatt305 Suey! says:


TIANG程 says:

Cyka blyat

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