Metro Exodus – Brutal Wasteland Combat Gameplay – PC RTX 2080

Welcome to Metro Exodus, I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while. Now that it’s out I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit. The details and gunplay are top notch as always when it comes to 4A games. Can’t wait to play more, let me know what you think of the game. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon 😀


Spartan47 says:

First love it……pls pls pls make more

Samuel Tanguay says:

Can you make more red dead redemption 2

David Rose says:

Love the video

Rahman Ratul gamer Ratul says:


4K NATION says:

Amazing gameplay

herrlogan17 says:

2:08 what’s that? A Benny Hill show? 🙂

Savage Exposed says:

I like this:)

Baman Banana says:

Get the good ending with RTX 2080 so it’s worth it the price

Adam Morgan says:


Kushagra Agrawal says:

I hope you will be doing days gone



Alvaro lasc says:

I was waiting for this gameplay!!!

rahul says:

Wait this came out already?

Emerson TCC says:

Far Cry + Fallout = Metro Exodus

Please make more! Your channel’s amazing, don’t leave YouTube!


Swifty 100k very soon,if u like metro u should play stalker on pc,and is that video without spoilers?

Drew DaBeast69 says:

I love u swifty

pedaliza Arslan says:

3:03 if this was rdr 2: Honor -9000. Awesome video keep it up bro

Flamingo Flami says:

Really nice game 🙂

Mohammed Ibrahim says:

3:01 I was dying

Anakin Skywalker says:

What pc settings?

Mr. Dorifto says:

Haha I was waiting for this.

OH YEAH says:


ROACH says:

The rag dolls in this game are not my favorite

M4X says:

PEOPLE CAN SURRENDER? This game is amazing, buying it

Hugo Champagne says:

It is run great with a rtx 2080?? I have a rtx 2080 at 1440p , do you think I can run this game ultra settings with rtx ultra

Jerome Derkinsmoof says:

Fallout 76 should’ve looked like this

yashraj singh says:

now your channel is growing don’t leave it now otherwise you will be in loss.

Salomon Quintana says:


rahul says:

Did you have it pre-ordered or did u get it from Epic store?

The Shape Gaming says:

This is what fallout should be, take notes Bethesda

Cyber punk says:


John Vickers says:

more max payne 3 on pc?? or a walkthrough on it like you did with resident evil 2 remake

likmy Crocs says:

How much is this game on pc

IM-_ says:

You make some of the best vids I swear quick question was this maxed out on setting if so what kind if for did you get? Just curious thanks

Jayden Coggins says:

I’m glad your back this is what I live for

Lamont Nelson says:

Play more Dying Light please

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