Mechs, Knights, and More! – Final Fantasy XV Combat Gameplay at E3 2016

Final Fantasy XV mech, knights, and more combat gameplay from E3 2016.

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Olga Wolga says:

It seems like they have to keep the landscape as simple as possible for some reason. Those “towers” everywhere are only there for the warp-strike. They could have come up with a better idea than putting those towers everywhere. Kinda puts me off.

Miss Kwang says:

I like how @2:45, Ignis just is pushed back from the explosion and slides all the way back to where he originally was. XD

ApexCactus says:

Where is my epic FF battle music?? >:I

Shownon says:

I have a Feeling this is combat that will grow on you overtime through the game especially as you get upgrades etc…

Thats how FF’s combat is no?

BaDUM Tsss says:

i love this

NightLordq says:

Prompto is funny on the fire part

Zeezaw22 says:

I like the combat mechanic, it’s has a lot f rpg elements. Like find out what attack weaken the Enemy or magic and also take advantage of ur buddies assistant attacks! Let’s not forget also the warping n dodging mechanic, where u can use the hit n run strategy. I can’t wait for this game

RisingNiar says:

0:14 – T-T-T-T-TIMMY!

Ikr Mister says:

2:45 prompto get burned

Yasir Al-Balushi says:

looks decent but seems kinda buggy and glitchy, hope they fix everything by release date

Sergio Martinez says:

Glitchy towards the end of the video fighting that last monster, hope they fix that.

13Kr4zYAzN13 says:


Prompto on fire switched to Japanese dub for a bit

brighter thanyou says:

Oooh dat ass

Joshua Caguioa says:

If you guys didn’t know. The spider lady in the dungeon is also shown at Yoshitaka Amano’s Artwork!! pretty neat! (she is located in lower middle of the painting)

Salem Bakhshwen says:

Prompto English voice act is cool 🙂

G3rq says:

A lot of people still don’t seem to get this is B-roll footage.

nemesis7884 says:

meh i dunno, looks kinda messy and uncoordinated

MewStor says:

We lost you for a second later haiaihaiai

Jon Idoncair says:

1:59 Ignis: Noct’s in trouble Gladio

Gladious: on my way **just stands there doesn’t do shit**

2:05 **prompto helps noctis instead**

great party A.I. i guess….lol

2:51 ignis “teleports” to be near noctis for the dual tech attack….and cause they kill the enemy, it cancels out promto’s sliding shooting animation which makes him fall on the ground instead lol

Izzy A says:

0:37 Nope, nope, nope.

Lune says:

“I miss the turn based batt…. Oh shut up please -.-* !!
*Hail !! New Action Combat!*

Konuvis says:

I hate that’s there’s no feedback whatsoever.

joseph picard says:

pretty… but I don’t think I care to play it. That’s a shame. I’d been a fan of FF from the first one, and around #8, I was starting to feel FF and I drifting our separate ways.

larry thornton says:

it’s like the combat is perfectly fine when you are fighting regular size enemies…..but when you fighting a big enemy it gets awkward….but from the platinum demo it just seems like it depends on how u play….

This_is_ellis says:

combat looks like it will be more frustrating then anything. I know they have to advance from the active time battle and can accept it but it looks like the team mates are just going to get in the alway and get themselves killed and there’s nothing you can do it about it

amazo88 says:

fantasy may cry. lol

Ikr Mister says:

pretty cool , I still waiting for PS4 neo version .

souls elite says:

Should have named this nijitsu Futurama. I still don’t get it. Why the lack of game play?

darkknightskiy says:

World of final fantasy has more heart in its first 2 min trailer then everything we have seen on XV so far. It’s the ff game I’m looking forward to

4SquareStudios says:

Am I the only one who absolutely hates prompto? Ugh god idk why, but that character annoys me so much.

Ransom Seraph says:

Looking good!! Not very happy abit killing wild animals (FF style) but….STEAK! What about the steak?

SouJo Kensai says:

Судя по всем вышедшим видео этой части до 9 как до космоса

Joel Perez says:

i desperately try to get into rpgs but this is the reason why i find them boring. cas of the boring combat, its just pressing the hit button over n over with the same repetitive combos. the demo was just as boring.

Shownon says:

The Hud and no music makes it VERY weird, would be nice if both of these are turned on:)

Anders Öhlund says:

Why are they slaughtering wild animals? Not complaining just looking for context.

xBluegamerx says:

Jesus, that spider doll thing.

Mike Stewart says:

obviously there’s going to be battle music this is just for demoing purposes(it does sound awkward without music)…combat wise? I still like it in my opinion.

Dru Sanders says:

Lol when prompto gets burnt

NoctisCrystallisXV says:

Ah the birthday present for me! on September 29th is my birthday and the game on 30th ahhhh! Just 3 months way can’t take it anymore! 😀

Redfax201 says:

Ignis = Donatello
Gladius = Rapahel
Prompto = Michaelangelo
Nocthis = Leonardo

jefthereaper says:

I’m actually wondering why those 3 don’t teleport and tele-dodge like Noct himself, I mean in kingsglaive its shown all those soldiers of the glaive have those powers too.

Would be especailly handy during those team moves or when they need to cover Noctis when he’s low on health.

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