Max Payne 3: Epic & Intense High Action Combat Gameplay – Vol.2 [PC RTX 2080]

Welcome back to some more Max Payne 3. I’m having a lot of fun playing through this game again. I still think this is one of the best TPS ever made, Rockstar did a great job. Let me know if you enjoyed the gameplay, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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PanQuakes says:

How did u afford rtx 2080

Big Gamer29 says:

This game and the 2 that came before it need a remastered version and bad as they still never get and have aged well
unlike other games that have come out over the years.

Achyut _C says:

First……pls do more of mp3 and rdr2…..sick vid

StealthyEagle says:

Hey can u do far cry just suggesting

BlackMagick LooneyTudy says:

Love vids make more

nadir somner says:

Will they ever make a max payne 4?

moo 256 says:

If they had bullet time in red dead 2 it would’ve been perfect.


You should try a mod called Payne trainer

Captain Baddboy says:

I need this game backwards compatible on X one

echo says:

i love how a private military/mercenary organization cannot take out one man in a suit with an assault rifle

Viet Anh Nguyen says:

I love this game.

The Maskgamer says:

I love your vids

TRiDENT says:

Max Payne vs John Wick

ollie procter says:

No dislikes yet

Markus8866 says:

Keep them coming man! EDIT: What’s your steam profile dude? 🙂

kuddraCube HD says:

Swifty can you make more RDR2 shootout videos, btw great video

Joshua Ajax Gaming says:

Love you max Payne comps! Please make more!!!!

Tetonattori SC says:

Rockstar should remaster this game like they did with La Noire

4K NATION says:

Insane gun fire

ob4y 1q says:

Try to do gta 5

Viet Anh Nguyen says:

Keep going to play this game

Tahmid Antar says:

You are one crazy mother fucker and this is one crazy ass game!! I knew you two were meant for each other.

Fallen Ark says:


javier kueh says:

whats with you and this game…. odyssey and rdr2 are so much better

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