Mass Effect: Andromeda | Gameplay Series: Combat Breakdown Part 3

My Breakdown of the first episode of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s new Gameplay Series Begins!!! In Part 3, the final part, I talk about the random bits of new info littered throughout the video. Some that even answer lingering questions. What small reveals were discovered?! Is the Environment trying to kill us?! Does the Nomad have a mind of it’s own?! Let’s Discuss!!! 😀

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Mass Effect: Andromeda
Initial release date: March 2017
Series: Mass Effect
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genres: Action role-playing game, Third-person shooter
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


David Mako says:

Sorry mate, but there are a few (likely) mistakes. Biotic amplifiers are in melee weapons so it will be a different animation to omni-tool, sword, hammer or whatsoever. Remember some ME3 multiplayer characters had melee attacks like that.
Ammo box icons are Helios cluster ammo (which gets automatically kinda ‘translated’ into milky way weapon ammo) and the second, yellow symbol is for power cells (see combat skills; you refer to it as ‘power charges’) which will be grenades, flak ammo, mines…
There will be no Nomad entry/exit animations; Bioware tried but didn’t get it done nicely enough so they cut that.
Really enjoy your videos. Take care.

Desirée Graf says:

What are they resisting…hopefully not me!

MrFlibberGibbet says:

I wonder if this confirms Reyes as another Angaran

Elliott Gleason says:

I’m getting antsy. Thank you for being my awesome sorce of info.

Adrian Anderson says:

you showed the assault turret as a construct. but if you watch the icon activation, it doesn’t require any power cells. I don’t think assault turret is considered a construct.

jordan behn says:

which song in the description is your transition music plz. great vid btw

Blake Warner says:

GSCB part 3

Zach Marcus says:

When the guy hit their head I imagined the cartoon ‘donk’ noise. it was so fun to watch over and over. I do love the transparency that Bioware is showing. My only hope is that they don’t have day one DLC that you have to purchase in order to really play the entire game. I mean, all those games that have day 1 dlc or main story hidden behind paywalls sucks. I don’t mind buying dlc as long as it is ADDITIONAL content that adds on to the main story but on its own is like its own story. I loved the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3 because it was action filled, it helped tied up loose ends, and it truly brought the game to a close for me. Speaking of which, Karlon, what’s you favorite Mass Effect DLC that you’ve played in any of the games?

Frost The Gameplayer says:


PainfulJoy says:

Go for that 10k subs brother! Andromeda looks AWESOME! 😀

Lukas Fuller says:

Looks great T (tempest) train

Marissa says:

Feel better soon man!!!!

fly acount says:

thx for uploading Karlon. Great part 3

Lucid Strike says:

The Biotic Amplifier is listed with the melee weapons. The most likely reason is that it amplifies the biotic melee attack, not general biotics.

Shadow Walker says:

The devs had a nomad animation but they got rid of it

Steven Seales says:

lol nice intro. this game is going to be sick. #MassEffect4Life

Red Hood says:

NyQuil!! Great Video. I can not wait to play this game…need to get my hands on Doc Brown’s DeLorean and shoot into the future a couple weeks!

ShadowQuickpaw says:

Also the Weapons and Biotics Briefing just dropped today… no pressure. ;^)

Daniel Padgett says:

just an FYI I’m sick too I enjoyed your breakdown of the new gameplay trailer I can’t wait to hear about what you have to say about the new initiative video

Sarah Nichols says:

Sorry I went awol a bit. My sister is trying out for the Voice today! *happy dance* I’m still working on the super secret project tho!

Hope you feel better hun!

Boris says:

Regarding the Roekaar character…remeber that Reyes guy said…”fits the Roekaar profile”. Maybe a type of bandit eh?

Booker Dewitt says:

Where do you get all your sexy transitions?

Korki says:

I really like that life support thingy. It gives you more the feeling of being in a foreign environment your body isn’t made for. Really cool… thingy. XDD
(my english isn’t the best at the moment.^^)

TheRedAzuki says:

You missed a fantastic opportunity to make an epic pun ” So I might be a little sick… *intro* SICK OF WAITING! “

Yolosweg1085 says:


Anthony Snyder says:

Feel better man

Shane Wright says:

The Angaran are trying to resist the Kettle. I’d personally like to see
a resist the tyrannical government story with them where the Roekaar are the military of the Angarans.

xxGamaDeGamer says:

really enjoying the content n ur voice

Lurkxreptile says:

Have you or anyone else on youtube made a theory video on why the nexus is crashing into a volcanic looking planet on the cover of the deluxe edition of Mass effect andromeda.

al will says:

since there won’t be any protheans that probably means no dark channel power. but I hope it returns or we get a similar power. that shit was op

Iron Fox says:

I’m fairly sure, that biotic amplifier is just one choise of ”melee weapon”, as in ME3 multiplayer, there are swords, hammers, omni tools, and, of course, biotic melee. It’s so obvious, you should have picked that up already. Just pointing that out.

Also, no vehicle entering animations. Feature was removed for being too time consuming.

JAVERON H. says:

5:20 likely because if we are able to go through the remains we would likely have duplicates of a lot of weapons and such.  so this is the way to get rid of them and feel you are getting something other than money out of it

Spaghetti and Meatballs says:

Shepard and humans are remnant from the future, calling it.

Boom Knight says:


Blake Warner says:

I wonder if we can rename the weapons we make.

Terence Carter says:

I just started watching this video and an ad of Mass Effect Andromeda just played

LouRou Eaglesham says:

I agree with your theory on the Roekaar and how Jaal and Do Xeel relate to them. Seeing a species at civil war would be awesome. We haven’t really seen that before, barring the Krogan clans. Hope you get well soon 🙂

Moses Rose says:

There’s not going to be any entering or exiting animations, it’s already been confirmed. Nomad opens, but we won’t be seeing Ryder jumping in or out of it. 2017 and no animations for vehicles; ridiculous.

Jesse James says:

I am pretty sure that Flynn confirmed that there will not be entering the Nomad in the game. I think he said that they did at some point have it, which is probably what we are seeing from old footage, but they actually decided that it hindered game play more that the cool factor of having it.

hunter says:

who disliked the video… who ?… mother fucker your already dead.

Skyler Maves says:

What if the Roekarr and the Khet are allies?

Steven colin Johnson says:

Lol all three vid now you have me want the game and ready-mix thing up N7.

sam gibson says:

keep up the good work man love ur videos

LordBummingtonThe3rd says:

Resistance? I hope they’re not commies, I don’t affiliate with commies, especially not commie aliens

lameblogger says:

i saw on twitter one dev said there are no animations for entering the nomad

Rayne27 says:

It’s so close!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Maia- San says:

one day im going to comment on one of your future videos and ima be all like “remember way back when you only had 5k subs?”

The Evolved .one says:

I think if they don’t start advertising in earnest real soon they are going to have trouble when the game actually makes it to market

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