Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: 6 Changes to Combat Gameplay in Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect has always been about exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, and then shooting them with exciting sci fi guns and blue sci fi magic. But Mass Effect Andromeda is a new game, with a whole new combat system. Take a look at the biggest changes to combat in this new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay. Subscribe for lots more Mass Effect Andromeda from Oxbox!

Unlike Commander Shepard, who couldn’t even jump outside of context prompts, Pathfinder Ryder is much more mobile, thanks to their handy jet pack. It’s not unlimited – but you can use it to do quick boost jumps to pop out of cover or to fall back into a better position, as well as darting left or right to avoid enemy attacks.

In addition to that, taking cover is no longer a case of pressing the appropriate button and snapping into position like someone just turned on a powerful electromagnet.

Now, cover is a lot more fluid, allowing you to take cover behind whatever you can find, move around behind it freely, and still vault over cover to move up the battlefield. Or, if you’re feeling particularly flash, a cool forward rolls. We are always feeling flash.

Other combat novelties in the gameplay above include changes to how cover and classes work, plus new melee weapons beyond the standard-issue Omnitool, such as the mighty Krogan Hammer and deadly Asari Sword.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on release date 21 March 2017 (North America) and 23 March 2017 (Europe) on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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The Silver Child says:

Bioware has made the combat an average hack and slash shooter. I cannot control my squad members powers, I cannot pause, look around, select enemies to use multiple powers on different targets at the same time. The combat is the worst, even ME1 had a better combat mechanics. It’s avereage shooter like most games out there. They just removed a unique ME feature. I don’t get this. Now they want me to constantly jump around instead. This is not a platform game, dudes! Bring back ME3 combat mechanics. This is a disaster.. I can’t believe some people think it’s some kind of an improvement. Holy crap! It has become average combat like in most games out there.

Fluffy Kat says:

I was ambivalent towards this game until you told me I can throw enemies around like ragdolls with my mind. I’ve never liked sci-fi because they go to fucking town with science and go full retard with physics sometimes. Buuuuut being able to space-magic my way through Andromeda sounds fun. And I’ve been getting into shooters recently.

Pigeon says:

I got a mass effect ad at the beginning


Nope the ryder character is a fucking pussy. He looks and acts like a retard. Mass Effect is officially ruined.

Bobby Ranger says:

Why is the Asari Commando a human? I’m puzzled? Shouldn’t she be a Human Commando?

J-Koff 2 Memes says:

But can you duel wield pistols? i kinda wanna go all Jango Fett up in this bitch

Alexandra says:

Oh, that sweet, sweet Mass Effect music

SpitefulCrow says:

Peebee? I can put PeanutButterGamer on my squad?!

Man Yawns says:

They still haven’t fixed the shitty player movement, it still looks terrible and clunky. Still a cover shooter and the enemies are reskins… Also not sold on the story for shit… Although from what I can see the game has a bigger focus on gameplay rather than story… This could sink the entire series, it was always the universe that people liked. This is going to be like ME1 again in terms of fun, the sequel to this will probably be much better.

I’m guessing choices will be more refined in this though, if they knocked it out of the path with choices it will review better. But if they fucked up the story complexity to achieve that then this game will be less compelling in general.

Also a great choice of skills, small tree’s are okay I guess… All in all would have preferred skills to overlap a lot more and require more planning than the simple and linear current system.

acetraker1988 says:

2: is wrong, mass effect 1 had the same system

Red Bones says:

Game looks good, mostly vague, but combat looks as spongey as ever, even though it will be more engaging. Hit markers/sounds and knock back have been things for a while, and for a reason, they make it far more enjoyable.

Mike Smith says:

“Biotic pull and Biotic throw, and get all sith lord up in here” – Andy


Jason N says:

Flamethrower? What kind of dumb power is that for a game set in the future with laser weapons and stuff? What’s next, a Conjure Crossbow skill?

Steve Diament says:

Looks like the Nova handles better than that vehicle I forgot the name of that bounced around the place.

TJM Matthews29 says:

Yes u don’t have to know the other games in the series to play this one, this is a brand new game, new story content, new enemies etc looks pretty good

Astartes Master Remiel says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can switch profiles during combat anytime right?

actionvids35 says:

i man i still have finished playing mass effect 2 and 3 for gaziliont time

Brandon Dominguez says:

I never get premium editions for games but I got Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition. I’m so fucking ready

TurtMan says:


niteshmurti says:

who are the bad guys in this game. i miss the reapers.

Jordan Smith says:

One thing I dont like about the Ryder twins is that they seem to lack personality from what ive seen. Now, the game aint out yet so I could be completely wrong, but the both of them lack presence and charisma. And good voice acting from what ive heard.

Kaleb Hult says:

Profiles are like destinies from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning! Ellen, why aren’t you screaming about this?

Tanner Smith says:

although this game is littered eith bugs, odd expressions, cutscene glitches, and everything in between, im still so hyped for this.

Where's my wallet?! says:

Tf was Liam talking about? Lol

Fremen Dar says:

I’d rather play Jade Empire 2 compared to another Mass Effect game, TBH.

Mrlij1029 says:

Ayo can I get 5 subscribers? I’ll subscribe back

Jza Diamo says:

No! Mass Effect WAS about tactics. They killed the power wheel, so now it’s now COD does Mass Effect.

They don’t even limit your class anymore, so who the fuck cares about anything. It’s arcade mode. Anything goes now. The game is just another shooter.


I hope this “free fluid” cover system is not like mass effect 1. Didnt initially work half the time.

Jeedy Jay says:

Sounds like they turned the class system into the one from Kingdoms of Amalur. Ellen should be thrilled.

SpinJ678 says:

Playing through the trial confirmed something that I’ve been asking for after they fucked the Sentinel (IMO of course) in Mass Effect 2. We can finally be a support character again! One of the things I loved doing in RPGs is keeping my allies on their feet while still being able to dish out damage myself. Thank you, Bioware for not forcing me into a pure offense build.

Selvin Ortiz says:

another change is ugly characters, but i think i can get past that because the game seems to be pretty good.

Thomas Allen says:

Banter quality is a must. If Garrus wouldn’t approve, they wont stick around.

Retr0 says:

will it make my mass errect… again?

MrHPfan4ever says:

What is the outfit in the thumbnail and where can I find it in game?

jackoblllllllll says:

Is it true about the racist developers of this game or is it just a case of internet hysteria?

Marcelo Bassalo says:

Ryder is a solid protagonist.

Andre Sardoux Klasen says:

How do i change the side i am holding my weapon?

unspoken gaming says:

ah Mass effect

Rampaging Noob says:

“Get all Sith lord up in here” who knew Andy was such a space-faring bad ass…

luke clark says:

I think i just pre ordered it

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