MASS EFFECT Andromeda – Combat: Official Gameplay Series – Part 1 | PS4

Welcome to the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay series. In this video, learn all about combat. Battle with weaponry from an alien galaxy, outmaneuver enemies with your jump-jet, and unlock the power of Biotics. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you are on a mission to find a new home for humanity. How far will you go?

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Spring 2017 to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro

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ImNotEvenReal says:

Awwww yes the M96-Mattock is still here.
Thats all i needed to know.

Pucha says:

this game looks like its out since years

Max Dickson says:

Sooo maaannnyyy fffrrraaammmeeesss

Newtmore says:

The graphics look so amazing, it’s cool to see how far tech has really come, it almost looks real

Isaiah Dom says:

They should put a Starbucks in one of those open areas

RogueJoker 47 says:

Ok for whoever is saying “60fps?” on a console…yes it is possible, PS4 can run at 60fps deal with it, once again these Pc Fanboys come running, uninvited and unwelcomed shouting without any reason about their self proclamied supremacy, go away, this is the Playstation Channel

cheaib_ian 666 says:

DUTS 514 🙂

Billy Germano says:

Shut up and take my money.

Jamaal Calhoun says:

I’ve never seen so much hate for a mass effect game in my life. Am I missing something? I’ve played the last 2 multiple times and loved it. Why so many negative comments?

adicide says:

Is this actual PS4 gameplay here?

Sergey Zhovnerovich says:

very easy

Chris C. says:

Why does it look so smooth? Is it 60fps?

Experience_Point says:

They need to fix those SJW character designs especially Cora otherwise game is looking great.

Lightningmonky 7 says:

Destiny 2 looks great

Masaru Enatsu says:

who is this girl . think she is sis of captain Shepard

FinRangerZ says:

just a question i just bought mass effect 1 and 2 in ps store i got them for 8€ and i haven’t played mass effect 2 yet but i tested 1 and it’s absolutely ridiculous the missions are extremely boring and the gameplay is so bad i don’t even know i have no way to enjoy it even if i try is mass effect 2 better someone please tell me before i’ll delete it watching playthroughs doesn’t show much

John Calder says:

Can we tell the council to go f#%k themselves and betray the council standins, please?

John v250 says:

The new update for no mans sky looks great!

Zamasu Goku says:

Looks like Dead Space 4 im so gonna ger this game !

FabulousZero says:

As long as I have my biotic explosions

Sheela Mahendran says:

these graphics are awesome

Andrés Pétur Axelsson says:

Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.

Артур Чернявский says:


Fabrício Henrique says:

lol, looks like they put Skyrim + Fallout + Star Trek, mixed and made this game!

hammer fall says:

are they using frostbite engine in this game?

BoredThatsWhy says:

Blink, Death From Above active on Fist of Havoc, Twilight Garrison, Warlock abilities. This is what destiny could’ve been. Watch and learn Destiny 2!

To be honest, this is StarWars, Destiny and Borderland style gameplay all in one! Amazing!!

barick saif says:


Tey Banks says:

hmm looks like halo

Mr. Anonymous says:

60fps on PS4? Or is this just some good ol’ false advertisement?

StickerHappie says:

Wow! This Halo 6 game looks really good! They’re bringing back all abilities from Halo 5. Except of course for the new Graviton Pull by Zarya from Overwatch. Other than that, it looks promising.

GENA KIM says:

вот это бомба
чемто похожа на дестени, но лучше в разы.
жду релиза с нетерпением.

Chris C. says:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks good?

Samuel Almeida says:


Atreyu Artax says:

This will come out for Vita?

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