MASS EFFECT Andromeda – Combat Gameplay Trailer

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MASS EFFECT Andromeda – Combat Gameplay Trailer
Release date : March 21, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One
© 2016 – EA

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Kncperseus says:

thousand years of human evolution and advancements, millions of light years away from Earth, and we’re still stuck with the same 4 weapon categories. Even in Andromeda galaxy

Galo Maricalva says:

Pues a mí me mola bastante, espero que sea largo el juego y la exploración, y haya algo más que hacer en el espacio que seguir con la puta historia, en plan misiones secundarias o que te deje explorar a tu rollo fuera de la historia.

attack says:

We already have warframe for free

Aayush Srivastava says:

this is’nt open world no big deal

Unknown-Revolver says:

Looks like destiny

Sinteriya says:

human faces all the same terrible

Giraffe Rider says:

they should delay this game

CrashBurnman95 says:

The future is spandex suits for everything.

Nate DaGreat says:

So you basically play as Boba Felt

Cooper WN says:

I was gonna say destiny 2 should be worried about this game but… they really don’t need to because this looks so average

Kyo says:

This looks amazing. Fuck the haters.

TheHidingSloth says:

They basically took what every other future game has been doing but put it in 3rd person, its not very original. Also I noticed at the top of the screen there was a section that said 100 credits, so im assuming you will be able to buy in game skill and weapons. So what i see is a free to play game but prettier and cost 60$ to buy

LOL MAN says:

I’m actually concerned about the story and the open world

Anubisrunner08 says:

I lose more interest in this game everytime i see it

Gamespresso says:

I see a lot of people saying they dont like the gamplay. Please reply telling me why I really want more infos

ankur tripathi says:

When it is coming for pc?

Ganang Wibawanto says:

Wow, back to where they began. Gameplay similar to ME1, but with major improvement. Nice.

Creston Dalgliesh says:

Bioware can’t make good games anymore.

Armesis P says:

The main character looks retarded, just like in all the other videos. Its as if she goes into random epileptic fits and her facial muscles spasm and become contorted.

Michael Assbender says:

People are shitting all over this game in the comments but if the reviews are good they’ll be sucking its dick. Same thing happened to Horizon Zero Dawn a day ago.

Максим Симонов says:

looks like shit

Moldraiva says:

bf1 looks better… and that gamplay… wtf seen it already in different games… so whats new about it… hmm ?

newgunz2008 says:

‘Different enemy types will have different behaviours yada yada yada’ While our MC mows down 2 to 5 guys who just casually stroll to their death like cows asking to be butchered.

Devon Henstridge says:

liking the new ability for throw, where you can turn enemies into projectiles…hopefully, some of the old favourites, like singularity have new abilities like this…


No paragon or renegade. Instead same dialogue wheel from DA Inquisition. This sucks big time.

Doc Awful says:

Remember when Mass Effect was something unique and new? Now… kinda just looks like everything else.

Sasha Artyuxov says:

Всем привет!

Major Horn says:

its shaping up nicely combat looks great

Jason says:

take that destiny!

Nuno magalhães says:

looks like warframe,i Don.t like that big h.u.d

Josh M says:

Imagine this kind of gameplay in Star Wars. (Combined with For Honor for lightsaber combat) chills.

Spectre Gaudi says:

Nah. I think i will choose Nier Automata over this. This shit here i way overhyped just like the fucking division. I dont trust this one bit.

Reptilian Türkü says:

Very nice

Alex Jaeger says:

I can’t wait

Enkeixpress says:

Damn, that is one silky smooth frame-rate right there.

mentos445 says:

so? sheppard died?

Xhino Vidhani says:

Halo is that u bro ????

GamingWithSean says:


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