Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Combat Gameplay Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Team up with Mario and his friends to take on this turn-based combat adventure. Armed with an arsenal of unique weapons and special abilities, can you restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is Available 8/29!

#NintendoSwitch #MarioRabbids #MarioRabbidsKingdomBattle

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japotakufullnsf says:

Y cuando lo van a editar para 3DS???

king of inklings says:

*SPOLIER ALERT* game just came out

Mike Jr says:

wow so one was the bosses WAS leaked!

Cameron puppet and animations says:


Adam Harries says:


ᴛ3ʀ3ɴᴄ3 says:

I like how they are using more music with voices

Keep it up Nintendo

Marx TheGamer says:

I like the opera

TheRabbidHD says:

The song: Bwah… Hum…ah-ehm
Bwaaaah-Bwah-Bwah BwaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Bwah Ahem-har…
You think yours is a real moustache?
Who’s done me a thousand wrongs
Ever since Donkey Kong?
Slithering down every pipe
Despite his plumb-shaped body type!
Who’s gonna run in fear
While screaming ‘Mamma miaaaaaaaaaa’?
Who leaves me gray and grim?
Oh, what does Peach see in him?
With great joy in my heart
Each time I watch Mario Kart!
You’re first and doing so well
But here comes the Spiny Shell! Ha ha ha!
And now you and your Rabbid friends
Have finally met your ends!
Just let me catch my breath
Then I’ll ‘high C’ you to death!

Who do you think you are?
You should kneel, I’m the STAR!
You are nothing but a parody
I’ll find you a good role in TRAGEDY. (Hahahaha!)
“It’s-a me!” “Let’s-a go!”
The only words you know!
My art will touch your princess’s HEART
And you will be pulled APAAAAART!
You think you’ll win this tournament?
I’ll send you to retirement!
You’re so NOT worth the hassle!
Your princess is in another castle!
Mushrooms won’t end the pain
Time for the Phantom to start his reign!

Jeffy Jeffy says:

Who else thought this is the final boss

Aaron Bautista says:

Is that voice from the boxtrolls (The scene was the boxtrolls song and I mean in the movie)

Bonnie300 Gamer says:

0:53 come down yoshi

stevethepirahnaplant says:

Lyrics as I understand them:

***=I don’t know
( ) = questionable
[ ] = 100% sure

[Who do you think you are?]***************
[You are nothing but a parody.]
[I find you good role in a tragedy]
[It’s-a-me, Let’s-a-go, the only words you know.]

(My art will)[crush your princess’ heart]
[You think you’ll win this tournament?]
[I’ll send you too retirement]
(You’re so not worth the hustle)
[Your princesses is in another castle]

[Mushrooms won’t end the pain]
(Time for the turtle to start his reign)

Feel free to contribute if your ear is more tuned for this kind of singing.

Waffles Mcjiggins says:


puppyjuan el perito youtuber says:

luigi its scared of the final boss

Kelly Jefferies downs says:


The Nightmare Bonnie Kid says:

It just came out today

_Rage_ -The Reaper - says:

~_~ my dudes dream came true…Bwa

Kyle Mosqueda says:

Wait “typing” Oh its a boss not the final boss

Mega Bacon Sticks!!! says:

I’m still confused why am I buying this game for the story

Ben Grazer says:

I plays a cool sound at 0:51

Riswan Ibrahim says:


Evan Fung says:


Cool Orange Fox says:

Listen to the song CAREFULLY

It’s a me
Let’s a go
Your princess is in anoootthhhheerr CASSTTTLEEE


Weak Science says:

Rosalina doesn’t get any love unless it involves Super Mario Galaxy.

David Miranda Colombati says:

I see this game boring, if it wasn’t a Mario game this would be a total failure

The Redeye Films stuff says:

Why does mario has to be to the leader I want other characters to the leader

YoshiGamingYT says:

i would always have yoshi on my team

Cupcakes Wii says:

I am the Great Mighty Poo!

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