*MARAUDER* New Class just arrived in Modern Combat 5 + Gameplay

Hello guys new class MARAUDER is just arrived in MC5 giving dual wielding guns. This update also brings some major GRAPHICS changes.
I played 2-3 games after update and yes i really enjoyed playing after a while. So now you guys tell what do you think about new update?

Keep Smiling , Be Happy

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the AK 47


EPIC from YT says:


kuzey trap says:

idk bro

No Copyright Music says:

Noob class

nemesis bro says:

Thumbs up gameloft keep updating and improve esp mc5 :::take this game to a whole new level ….and voice chatting is realyy necessary ..in squad battles ….plz do smething for voice chatting like dota ……plz …plz

mustafa kaara says:


shaik mansoor says:

I want credits please share me some credits to me


Hi nice video can you send me free some credits?!

skully reckile says:

Well.. Left the game long ago. But wana give a try again.. After watching your video

natsu dragneel says:

How to update on pc

Ceyda İlhan says:

Im zad cuz it is 900

The Great Emu says:

Class is weak

I LoveThisPage I says:

Hope Windows got it soon

MyUsernamesThis says:

Ima buy it

Akhil Cee says:

Which is that song???

Amay Bakshi says:

Nice editing


Can u make me channel famous is the same name as my user right now can u? Cuz I wanna make vids like yours but Im never gonna be as good tho.

Aman Tmg says:

bro can u put the how to hack cm5

Gitu Moni Kalita says:

How did you got that new i did not got

Korsky Gaming says:

Does this new class have good or enough power to kills the prestige weapon players?

Cleiton Santana says:

Classe lixo..


Gg ❤


lol im sure i played with u today in the boosted event

ツӈστδӈστ says:

This update just messed up this lame game even more. Sensitivity feels weird, it lags alot more and it’s fov is really weird….just pure chaos. So glad I barely don’t play this game anymore. Btw, the class is a joke…really really bad!


Yo 47 don’t you think that this class sucks ?

call Reaper says:

Is it still have hackers or should i start it again RIP pubg xD

Ron Castle says:

marauders shit except for the prestige gun

unknown man says:


Phiakrang Arang says:

More like REAPER from overwatch game

Oliver Harlock says:

How do you update modern combat 5 I dont have it to buy

It's àll Àbóut 'H8888' says:

Bro Keep Full Gameplays You r keeping just piece s of that U killed

Satish Beura says:

New player is awesome

FBI BOYS says:

The song is so good good game

Radha krishna says:

Bro make a video on pr39 .Please i need to know if it is op or not

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