KR-200 Pro Gameplay! | Modern Combat 5: Blackout (17)

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Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another Modern Combat 5: Blackout episode, #17 in this series! In today’s video, we get some amazing gameplay, including winning both matches, an 8-kill streak, and 56 total kills in 15 minutes with the great KR-200 Pro! This is a powerful Tier 4 assault class weapon that has a lot of potential! Make sure to watch till the end! 🙂

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Alzhy Dizon santos says:

yo exxotik do you remember me im yo mama

Atomms says:

Whats the intro song name

Spid3rGod Daniel says:

4:46 jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman

WaterBrickCraft WBC DoubleUBeeCee says:

Would you think of making a video on the #MakePixelGunGreatAgain movement? Your the biggest PG3D youtuber so they will listen to you no matter what.

Beastmode says:

Ooo exxotik I’ve been meaning to ask u. Since ur going to collage next year what are u going to do with youtube???are u going to continue??????

Fire Phoenix says:

the kr 200 is the best gun

Lorilee Broomfield says:

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XxEliteClasherxX says:

I want this game

MyCreeperBoi says:

Kr is just like

Tino V says:

gold legue an “pro gameplay” ………..

Ryanisawesomeandheknowsit :3 says:

Hey exxotik! You are awesome you deserve all of the love and support you get. Love ya! ~Ryan 😀

MyCreeperBoi says:

Hey exoctcc kr is like sls?

MoreJStu Fan says:

Chase hey!

gaming king says:

Try to get 30-0 in free for all

Rowena Encarnacion says:

Good vid man Btw i just subscribed!


Can you please continue the campaign on pixel gun

Aware Ninja says:

Can you post daily and do more pixel please also please respond nice vids keep up the good work

Ryanisawesomeandheknowsit :3 says:

YOU know who’s awesome?
Read the first word 😉

Bladeofthedark ™ says:


Cam the gamer says:

omg he has reached 180’008 subs nice work extiok

EnI_NeverMissd_ !!! says:

can anyone make me an intro for pixle gun 3d I don’t want it to be more than 15 seconds

Prorainbow Xd says:

An other “of course” awesome vid keep up and “of course” you will arrive to 200k sub and I will always support you

Anand Gawali says:

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iTriihardz : says:

My god I hate that game -.- it’s soooooo pay2win

Pro Killer 900 says:

Best game Ever 10 out of 10

Blue Savage says:

Hey exxotik were u on block mart my user was ΜιᎡαсιε

Clydethegamer says:

um exotic can i 1v1 u i subscribed and like all ur vids and pls 1v1 me i did the task

Cheng Zhang says:

what’s the intro music please?

RyanTheIntroMaker/RyanGamer280 says:

Who here needs a intro?

Angry gamer says:

Do a animal random weapon gameplay


Lol man you DBS. Your in gold you can go to diamond. Now

GAMING with PHU says:

Exotik gaming can u please play blitz brigade?

Kincaid White says:

What screen recorder so you use

Max Lagerquist says:

if your new to the game get free credits by entering this code in the slot in friends under recruit: fd9d3

Razor15 YT says:

can’t make a knife commentary in diamond league

papikiio 123 says:

play pixel gun and make a video with all pets


Have this game and pixle gun 3d

Max Lagerquist says:

mobile 1v1 me bro my tag is Bosscatlol! (dumb name i know cant change it for some reason) PLZ

HyperGaming Games8467 says:

Pls sub me to get my channel bigger

Crooked Colt74 says:

Ya same

Ryanisawesomeandheknowsit :3 says:

Also exxotik do you like roblox if you do can you please play phantom forces it’s basically modern combat 5 but with roblox-like graphics

Esme Peralta says:

who has bounty hunter class it is OP!!!!!!!!

Lyndon/cobra Theophilus says:

nice gameplay bro

fire man says:

you should get bullet force or modern st8

Ardian Dinga says:

I use only thumbs on iPad

Max Lagerquist says:

exxotik lock at the map

Joey Wilso says:

If it’s anyone you need advise from it’s my main man chase 😀

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