Kog Gameplay – Modern Combat 5 – OP Weapon w/ Silencer Attachment

Kog Gameplay – Modern Combat 5 – OP Weapon w/ Silencer Attachment. Live Gameplay Commentary with Kog V in MC5. Best Attachments for the Weapon. Best Class Set Up for Assault. Will be doing weekly MC5 for the next couple months cause I am really liking this game right now for some reason


skillspro pro says:

how you get all guns

Rowan Bremner says:

Hi chase I am new to your channel and i am really enjoying it

John Athan says:

KOG V is great- got it with heavy grip, ACOG and Flash hider and works so well. I even find it works really well against PR 39s on the medium to long range and short if lucky

Shadow Stalker says:

Its good.

Brandon Brandon says:

it’s not open up were just with low ranked players

Dylan Morris says:

you don’t use a gamepad

game kimg Call of Duty says:


Rap King Dex Lol says:

Make a longer video and use bounty hunter

Scooby Doo says:

The way you pronounce Anubis omg

game kimg Call of Duty says:

/ pop .com

Tahir Bilo says:

why do u screaming for .calm down


XD “I got impacted from behind”lol

Lavanya Berad says:

Can you give us a firecracker gameplay

Jeff Corona says:

Silencers suck

software boyz says:

bosk 3

TONGA_DOXx Uasi says:

hey can u show us how u use your finger when Playing​ mc5

117 studiotor says:

legion is best armour..i tried many times to knife legion carriers but i cant do it….

Roman Edouard says:

Hey man, I really love your channel and how long have you been playing to be so good bro?

Potion 0'YouTube says:

Legion if I am not wrong is immune to knife

妹戀 says:

i got oni myself n i dont rlly have any hope to stackers

GrimReaper231 says:

It’s legion but u probably know by now lol

Krystian Grodzki says:

Nice Donald trump joke

Slayerkodi TV says:

https://discord.gg/wmmmDHp Android Fps Gaming Channel – Voice chat.

PlasmaKEK HD says:

Legion armour is immune to knife

game kimg Call of Duty says:

sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

Ahmad Rozak says:

chase, your enemy just a noob with compact and ufia

unstopabble Gamer21 says:

How can I get the kog please reply I really want that gun so op

pratham sood says:

which squad are u in

reyrod186 says:

Non of this shit keeps you from being racist against mexicans dude, watch your mouth cause theres mexicans watching your game plays, Avoid that shit man if you want to have a channel with subs. Just dont say that man remember that we are the Imigrants from Europe, Not them they are natives from America the continent that was fund by a peson from the latin part of Europe. We are the ones that killed them to get the land.

Rafif Setianegara says:

coba make aresk 07 atau gak imp-s

Willster7471 says:

How do you have 52 bullets in the mag? I can only fit 35

Ernesto Guzman says:

u gave out my camping spot for rush lol

Kevin Adame says:

Y do u play with no sound

mann k says:

i love your all gameplay or armor


legion armour

NerfBros TV says:

its ann uu biss

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