Kingdom Come: Deliverance – COMBAT Gameplay Tutorial (Sword Fight)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – COMBAT Gameplay Tutorial (Medieval Sword Fight)!
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Cjbsr Hhd says:

How does such a boring individual get so many views?

a j says:

omg no mouse and keyboard?
you kidding me I spend 300 us to not use it

Matori Shiro says:

I don’t under stand, is The game still in alpha or is it in beta or full release ???

Merhunes Dagon says:

I love this game

χρονης κ. says:

At the guy with the short sword ypu should do a faint attack at up right and and strike at low left

John Smith says:

Much as I love… LOOOVE Skyrim, this game seems kinda slow to me. Too much SIM and not as much adventure.

FilthyStickStud says:

the combat sucks ass

PoopiePants Mcgee says:

This game looks amazing.. I hope you can buy houses and land. Farm.Have pets n things like that.

redcodec says:

I hope someone makes a character that looks like and named after Jaime Lannister ha!

KeelsCloud says:

The fighting still looks clunky and awkward, the animations just dont feel real

GHOST at GAME says:

has this game actually got its ps4 release date yet

John Bell says:

Keep doing skyrim

Hylian Hero says:

“not technically a parry”? what do you think a parry is?

The ManAmongMidgets says:

This game is gonna looks sick!

vlad5501 says:

Skyrim is way better I agree though the graphics are better but skyrim is so much better make more skyrim no more this game please

Ethan Metcalf says:

The combat seems similar to For Honor except more advanced and complicated, with the additional benefit of keeping your kidneys.

Ethan Metcalf says:

You’re tips are fine and all but “The best techniques are passed on by the survivors.” can you guess who said that?

Robert Pyne says:

are they updating the beta or waiting for full release?

Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG says:

the game still in beta right? how much content its?

ARTicNipple says:

I hope the final version of this game doesn’t suck

Tony Flamingo says:

When’s the release date?

Antonio Teixeira says:

For Honour principles.

uru gastri says:

when is released this game?

I suck and I just wanted to tell you says:

I’ll be honest. This game needs some work. I hope they don’t get pressured into releasing it early like No Man’s Sky. That being said, this game could be groundbreaking.

Will Serpentine says:

Drop this shit game and pick up for honor

ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides says:

Next Episode out tomorrow… I’ll also have to do a vote on the next skyrim live stream soon!

Travis letchford says:

I can’t get the game to work argh

Ethan Metcalf says:

According to Skallagrim, a parry is simply catching an opponents blade on the cross guard of your sword, which allows for you to perform various counter attacks, disarmarments, and other cool stuff you can’t normally do as easily.

Bud Spencer says:

they make all this shinny stuff and nice landskape.Yet the faces look like pig shit smashed up with some cow diarrhea as topping.

Howell says:

Are you going to quit your campaign and only doing tutoriol videos or arent you?

Flavius Stilicho says:

I’m just sitting there like “Nope, you didn’t block that. Or that. Or that.” So frustrating.

RogThePirate says:

It’s nice to watch, I agree. Would be nicer to play, but since the game is nigh unplayable for me at this point (keeps crashing to desktop within a minute at most after starting it) this will have to do for now …. hope they’ll put a LOT of effort into optimization before release, because optimized is one thing the game is DEFINITELY not at this point. Not that this wasn’t to be expected. Still …

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