Kingdom Come Deliverance Combat Gameplay: Fighting 3 Bandits At Once

Taking on a group of bandits all at once to showcase the methodical combat of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review in Progress:

First 26 Minutes of Kingdom Come Deliverance:

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Lord Of Smegma says:

So good, best game I have ever played in my whole life, I think this will be sich a classic

Esketit San says:

if only it was for honor combat it would have been better,ubisoft needs to steal this idea

Silva João says:

walking animation is really weird. enemies seem to just float around

Volmaer Plays says:

You can do that in the witcher 3 in only 3 seconds or even less by using whirl

Vanilla Nipple says:

This should be the standard for Elder Scrolls combat from now on.

Adrian Torres says:

I thought this game would be cool but it takes 3 mins to kill one guy

Youdontknoww Me says:

On the hunt quest at the start i just ran around the camp with the bow lol

vortex says:

The combat looks really really bad..

Serverus says:

You kids that think For Honor has better combat than this are sadly mistaken. You want arcade style combat instead of true fencing and cry when a scrub NPC whoops you. Get good kids.

Shanatip K. says:

well…. stabbing a man with no armor(unarmed one) and he still walk like being hit by a stick…

David M. says:

So far the most realistic and deep sword combat in game ever. Maybe not completely polished and balanced yet but still looks way more real than anything else as almost everyone who does real swordfight will agree. Don’t mock something you don’t know much about. If you don’t like it, at least be respectful and not nasty. Skyrim, M&B or For Honor have nothing to do with real fight at all. Look at some recent gameplays, it is really good. It also got more balanced after first patch.

Alice Acosta says:

VR compatible??

Jehuty Foo says:

There should be a mechanic that causes you to stagger when mindlessly backing away from the enemy. There were so many things to trip over.

Andrii Svystun says:

This game does a lot of things right, but sometimes, 100% realistic is not the best course of action. It’s very hard to replicate the feeling you have during a real sword fight in a video game. The animations look right, but they’re too cautious, too deliberate, most people don’t behave like this in real life, and that’s why some folks here say it looks “robotic”. It also looks like all the NPCs use the same package of animations, meaning that everyone moves and fights in a very similar fashion, with that “robotic” deliberation, and it feels off, because not everyone is supposed to act like a HEMA fighter does in the game’s world. The sound design doesn’t really help the issue either – I get it, it’s trying to be realistic as well, but it just sounds… dull. Yes, I’m sure those are the real sounds real swords, hammers and shields make in such situations, but when put into a context of a video game, it just falls short and results in a realistic, but fairly uninspiring presentation.

Jordan Thurnall says:

Fighting 3 at once? Absolute mad lad

dkey says:

Fighting 3 roadmen at once

Josh Patterson says:

I’ve been waiting for a realistic immersive experience like this. It won’t please those who like to hit a button and take out 20 guys with one blow but there a lot to enjoy here for me anyway.

iam god says:


Harry Tan says:

god it looks dull

TheTekOr Oleg says:

Try reading through comments and drink every time you want to facepalm. You will get drunk less than in a minute.

Juan Sebastian CA says:

*soooooooooo Boring fight , in “for honor” is more faster and epic :v*

SomeOne says:

So many people on the comments brainwashed by hollywood complaining about the game, that is sad

Kevin Walter says:

It looks so autistic…

R3AL PopCorn says:

The only thing realistic here is that you can’t cut someone limb off since they have well armor. On the other hand, when you strike someone with an arrow, and multiple sword slashes, there is a good chances he get hurt badly by the impact alone.

KT46 KK says:

om this game looks so flipping unbelievably amazing I want to jack it to this game omg. I’m gonna cream ohh. Just look at that larping session Game of year 2018 better than withcher 3 !! OOOhhhh

Skyrage the Obnoxious says:

The only real complaint with the high level of realism is that while the combat itself is close to it, wounds and their consequences are not, making it feel somewhat off.

Danny F says:

Im Killing 10 Guys at once on the Horse on Full Ride with the Bow!!!! This video iz ez pz

Shadowed Monochromia says:

This looks…. SO BORING…

VR Vr says:

Is that the best you can do?

Rodrigo Bogado says:

All to the hate is coming from casuals that cant enjoy a challenging combat system. This isnt Devil May Cry you know, you cant make combos just by clicking a lot.

Thefourth4iv2 says:

Breakdown did it better

Rectus Rectumius says:

Play for 40 hours and get a decent suit of armor and the Magdeberg Sword, you can fight 10 Cuman soldiers at once.

Asian Pursuasion says:

are they gonna change the sound effect on sword fight? it sounds too realistic and boring lol

Tricky Diagram says:

I’m pretty disappointed with the combat so far, I thought it was going to be a lot more gory and that the animations would at least resemble human movement. I don’t like that time dilation feature either, it kills the mood if I’m going to be honest.

Salmagros says:

This game is more into the role playing thing than gameplay. I know is boring as f for many of you guys compare to game with greater combat system or gameplay like skyrim, dark soul, dragon age..etc.But this combat system is most fitting to the game realistic style, and face it, real life is boring especially when you re living in Middle Ages. But put that aside this game really giving out the atmosphere in these time of history. It make me understand and feel how it’s like to live in such age.

Jeb North says:

Seems very similar to ES Oblivion

Opportunity Cost says:

Trust me, fighting can be way cooler if you master it (better counters and combos!)

love the combat system!

Mannimarco King of Worms says:

help! i cant even strike my enemy!!! he counters it and when I attempt to counter, he counter counters with an unblockable attack, then follows up with a series of strikes, so fast and so many, i run out of stamina and eat it. My attack speed is so slow i cant even get a combo, but thats regaurdless, because everytime i strike he has some kind of countering animation

Tyson Price says:

get good

I Drink Milk says:

This looks really poor. Like it looks like alpha footage of a game not due to release for another year and a half

Deathmachinept says:

Love the combat system in this game!

Rodrigo Bogado says:

Wow so many people thinking that knights were jedis or something like that…

Tuấn Nghĩa Trần says:

I need a game to relax and slay my enemies. Not to practice real sword fight at home, not sword stimulator no no

Potatoe Stew says:

Is the combat actually realistic? I definitely know that real combat does not include super combo attacks but I still don’t know what real combat is.

Grayson Wolf says:

Yeah I’m just gonna keep playin skyrim lol

Franz IV says:

This proofs: realism is bullshit which shouldn’t be used in games.

CringeyDingie says:

*Y O U C A L L T H A T C O M B A T ?*

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