Kingdom Come Deliverance BATTLE Walkthrough (Combat Gameplay)

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Lucas Burrows says:

you use potion that isn’t bad

jinhong91 says:

A better way to get better prices is to build better relationship with the vendor. You get more than double groschens when your rep is high than when your rep is at 50. It stays that way until you piss them off.

Azsnee says:

shouldnt you change your name to “ESO – Kingdom deliverance only” since your not playing skyrim anymore >:(

Allarian says:

Does this guy say Beta every video just to tick people off for saying it wrong?

Ryan McGrew says:

“Too many of your men have died.”

AnotherGuy says:

I said hardly worth mentioning… a mace swinging rampage ensued shortly after. We didn’t loose anyone

Jakub Kahoun says:

Didnt see that actualy 0:00 scene in actual playtrough tough…and people stop spoiling plz.

Dylan Purvis says:

When will you be doing a lockpicking guide

Warrior of aethrum says:

The Enemy Commander is a Jedi

magnumjgjg says:

eso, you are amazing, and i love all the content you come out with. you have really helped me enjoy my own play through much more, since im not all that good at stealth, i can watch someone who knows what they are doing. i always wonder what would happen, and now i know.

mark flores says:

Dude you look like pewdiepie

johnny blaze says:

i got an ad so you should be happy just like me

and also did you turn on the fod mode or what because you barely took any damage?

Helder Martins says:

ah man, i didn’t know you existed until 3 or 4 days ago. i was searching for a kingdom come walkthrough and i just caught you. started and watched every episode you made until this last one. i wish that you uploaded twice a day so i’d be more entretained 😛 you do an amazing job. i like the way you approach the game and do all things. keep it up! one question tho, i’m interested to buy a hoodie from ur store. is the shippment price included on the price or do i have to pay extra for it? btw i live in portugal. cheers!

Isaiah E says:

I love wearing the helmet in cutscenes because it looks like you have a Halo

Jack Cisney says:

I killed him in like 40 seconds with a bow and a head shot

Ewan says:

Just ordered it so excited

Nighty Pker says:

there was a poison in the “secret entry” where you escaped from

Khaki Snowman says:

Spent a full night trying to defeat him, it has auto saved me into the fight with half health already and a real challenge as i am more a bow and arrow fighter haha

Tom Riddle says:

Hey ESO, I just found out a spamable way to win every duel with the best swordsmen in the game such as Bernard! U simply riposte an attack, then move into a clinch, spam R1, then stab ur opponent once after u won the clinch. Move in again to repeat the process, stab-clinch-stab-clinch. Ur opponent will only be able to slash u once in the whole duel lol. Plz make a video about it so those who struggle with combat can be helped.

Eduardo Alonso says:

When is next episode coming?

Patrick Griffiths says:

I always have my horse carry a few of each type of repair kit and keep topped up at all times

SebekWalking says:

I killed him in 10 second with first, one headshot xD Anyway, eso, why you fight with sword? Mace is better to kill guys with knight armor

Fullmetal Osgood says:

When they move the wagon light the haystack to the left to stop the archers.

Jack Cisney says:

I am to Danny

Nick Bishop says:

No spoilers in my post. After beating the game I realized the bigger battles really weren’t all that fun. They were clunky and after the first siege, you don’t make any choices, no proper scouting, etc. They were so dammed easy too. Two hitting most everyone.

The last siege, I did almost none of the side objectives and it made almost no difference. I looked it up after doing them and didn’t look like they made much a difference. If they made them more like the first siege, it would have been soooo much better.

And the ending.. God hope they continue with updates , so anti climactic

Tahir Horuz says:

Made video skyrim

Alias says:

If you choose the last option then more guards will live after the battle.

Rudrik Patel says:

my game is gliched at this point I can’t lock on to any enemy the yellow thing doesn’t pop up and it say too many of my men have died.

Soma Azerag says:

I wish ESO keeps his armor on just At least the chessplate and the helmet
He looks so cool in it

Olivier Compagne says:

Thanks! Less guides, more series please!

30192 says:

nice fight , btw @ESO you look like Sangue Blue from the tv series Gomorra ( Italian )

R says:

This game needs some serious patches, between the lock picking, the genius idea for the save option and not being able to complete quest some quests makes this game unfinished.


Lol i got the same peppermint halo bug

Metro End says:

What are you going to do ? Knock me into outer space ?

Tahir Horuz says:


Ava Van Pelt says:

I dislike your video because of all the cunts in the comments spoiling shit. Except for that one dude who kept his as read more. I never clicked it.

YoungBoss 6969 says:

My Guy got so good At combat i can 1 v 10 easy i triee with guards and bandits and i dont even have the against all odds perk i still kill with 1-2 hits i use herod sword 129 slash damage

hhwhitewolf009 says:

i love how the combat is still just as bad as it was in the beta. Like really it lags hardcore the AI are so dumb it’s a joke. This game was 20 or 30 bucks at most not 60.

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