Kingdom Come Deliverance – 2nd Battle (Combat Gameplay Walkthrough)!

Kingdom Come Deliverance – 2nd Battle Walkthrough Gameplay!
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Petar B says:

ESO can you confirm if you meet the emperor of cyrodiil when becoming thane of solitude after you kill all members of dark brotherhood.

Mmshh says:

21:10 he saw that dip causes tooth loss when he went into the lion’s den

Jonathan cook says:

Its been two days dude wheres the next one haha

GlaDi02 says:

This is how Skyrim Civil war should look like… Not like 6 guys storming Windhelm… “the battle that will change the fate of Skyrim” xD

Mephilis 78 says:

Pebbles is NOT the fastest horse in the game, bro!

Tig TV says:

ok, why does Henry’s coif have tie points? is that for chainmail or is it a goof they forgot to remove when reusing gambeson skin for texturing?

Nubs says:

*fire arrows in a realistic medieval game*

Nora Valkyrie says:

your archery skills are not bad, you’re just using a controller.

daz mac says:

U wear the open basknet it look similar one u wear has better stat and does ruin vision

Jarred K says:

I thought it was going to be epic as well. Turns out it’s just a heap of audio to make it seem like there’s a lot more going on then there is. The battle was pathetic imo but hey can’t really expect much. I still love it.

askmine like you I have says:

have you played through the full game  or is it still a new thing or do you have them saved up and are realising them one a day

Rishab Chitgopekar says:

Check this out… Real life Henry’s sword

Kurukx says:

Henry fuck the wenches and crush the bandits….And god bless you 🙂

TheJimboslav says:

You gave them Lazarus potion which cures injuries and recovers hp

shawn arthur says:

The looting please make it stop!!!

Hiraeth Neko-chan says:

i thought Pious was imprisoned by the Bailiff? he became a poacher lol 14:53

Riven wood says:

What his FATHER…how did that happen ??? dam game and its glitches and bugs.

cobaltcatmaster says:

Can’t wait for the next episode.. It will be so epic!

Lathon Wilcox (2023) says:

henrys futha look asian

Omar Bukhari says:

Heads up, there is a better horse named Pegasus for sale in Ushitz. Same speed as Pebbles though

Delroy Campbell says:

Oh man, that awkward tension.

Seed LeveL says:

Can u put some fun sound on when u swear xd

Jason camenzind says:

How can you even see who you are fighting?

Kamj2003 says:

Did you mean: Sir Dadzig?

No? oh okay

Hannah 1 says:

I love sir hanush line now people can see I’m not wearing a sword for nothing and I’m thinking which sword

Totally_Not_A_Communist says:

i’m starting to think eso is an sjw.

John Sirbu says:

Friend. Please.

Nighthawk potions. Nighthawk Potions. Nighthawk Potions…

Please use Nighthawk potions when you are outdoors at night. Show us the beauty of this game properly.

P.S. @ESO Great content, thank you for sharing your efforts. I’m gonna buy this game… After I have done something important that I need to do in the next week and 2 months from now.

noah yates says:

Always love watching these, your the best walkthrough channel man, keep up the great content

potlick18 says:

For some reason whenever I kill an animal I get a shit ton of meat. A rabbit will give me 20 hare meat. A deer will give me over 100 venison.

Gaelen Gerard says:


TheSkyLord says:


MR T says:

Get rektd mate.

PhilC2v14thru16 says:

When is our fix for the next episode to be satiated?

Grampamurked says:

Are you going to stream Ghost of a Tale?

Robbie berg says:

all the ladies in this time had hairy legs and armpits also a bush

Milan Vlach says:

OMG, that was so hilarious! 😀 😀 😀

nick says:

ESO you walking through the armory, and literally commenting on each and every item, plus the on key taking animations had me laughing so hard, I nearly passed out! Sometimes I watch your channel not only for your epic walk through, but also for the comedy! Awesome.

Phoniex crow says:

Hey eso,can u create a guide on thos glitch i found out,its the hybrid glitch,where u csn become both a werewolf and a vampire

Perricilus says:

ESO pls stop censoring swear words, you’re british, swearing is a part of your culture, I don’t want this to be a PC channel for kids. Otherwise, thank you for this playthrough, I can’t run the game myself but I get to experience it thanks to you.

P.S. your description playlist link doesn’t work.

Artemis Rhea says:

“Get wrecked” – never heard it so much in my life

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