KILLING BANDITS (The Witcher 3 : Flawless Combat Gameplay)

Sometimes heads just roll


The Witcher BR says:

Which mods are you using?

Anorak Bellic says:

i think you might be one those legends who actually fights well instead of just showing off overpowered on whirl. Excellent!

Akshay S says:

This is great bro. Share your build.

Jack Dormer says:

Where do you get the steel sword that you are using ? – Great gameplay by the way , keep it up

N Hale says:

How’d you block that hit from behind at 0:32 ??

Mystery says:

You don’t have style.

Zo bek says:

키야 진짜 잘한다~

AthenaCannon says:

That was mass murder

Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ says:

0:30 Wow, he counterattacked the guy in the front and the back. I can only accept this as not bad game mechanics because he’s Geralt, a witcher, heh. He might actually pull that off.

Galactic Gamer says:

The rolling head close to the end was a nice touch lol

Jolly Viking says:

really trying to like this game, but the combat is just terrible.

Rico Wibowo says:

Thank you for this video. Been wondering about whether I should buy this game for the longest time and had always hesitated because on every video that I saw the fighting seems rather simple and repetitive. Just bough the game after seeing your video.

Abhijeet Kundu says:

It wasn’t flawless; you took a hit in the very beginning.

Lowe Gule says:

Wait, you are playing with mouse and keyboard? I thought you were using game pad.

DeenanTheKemon I says:

That whirl attack is a cunt to unlock.. Almost there though, only 2 pts. Left.. God damnitt .

HarryGamer HD says:

How to swing sword like 1:41?

Harry Parker says:

can we have your mod list?

Jack Dormer says:

And also what is the amor that you are using in the video ?

Alexander Eriksen says:

lol @ 1:18
“I’m on such a sick killstreak, but I gotta load my crossbow and shoot this bandit point-blank, otherwise it was all for nothing!”

RandomGamingFinland TM says:

Share your build soon please :3

Mjw Kim says:

nice, so fluid and cinematic. Is this on pc?

Zaber Ansary says:

Lol, In the Knight for Hire quest, there’s a Base where You have to fight about 30+ Bandits at once… Im always dying after killing about 22

Qibro says:

1:41 holy shit wtf is that…. thats so cool

Ahmed Ben Aziza says:

those are low lvl hhhhhhhhh wtf is this shit ……….. go death marche + and vs enemies 10 lvl above urs at least

Andrei Cotos says:

“Oh you’re fucked”

then gets slashed 7 times and decapitated

George Jensen says:

Not exactly a challenge…

Milos Miric says:

Are you using a different camera setting during combat?

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