Jacob Combat and Chases – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gameplay

Jacob is the loud and brash Frye twins, and his missions reflect that. Watch us tackle, stab, and chase a bunch of Templars in this video.

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nick parker says:

enemy ai not impressive

Jaivardhan Deshwal says:

The only thing is tge combat—-blood disappear in a second

otherwise an awesome game

KunnyGravichi says:

This is awesome!!

Joeki11a says:

What happen to the Templar/Assassin Story?, this looks like a Gamey style AC, Unity still had a AC feel. It was like Ezio in France, this looks like a cartoony AC

ultraxpress says:

Just waiting for the bad reviews on release

Amit Lars says:

The frame rate seems low as hell… Even lower than Unity’s! Is that because you’re playing on a console or again because Ubisoft is greedy and lazy?

JPSN Not Gaming says:

I just realized almost everyone(Except the assassins) in all the assassin’s creed series have Tunnel Vision.

PC Friendly says:

That zipline thing looks WELL OP I mean I know its a game but what’s next? Flying assassins in wing suits?

madsdahlc says:

Wow Benjamin Disraeli, William Gladstone. I cant wait for this game

Watson 3. says:

And then he jumps down and knocks him out…
And THEN he stabs them

Jarsia says:

my main complaint about the combat system is that the stun rating on weapons is totally useless.

Iève been playing for hours TRYING to see the difference. Single attacks, chained attacks, stun attacks, counters, different level enemies. I times every time an emnemy was stunned as such from and move and noticed no difference between a weapon with a stun rating of 1 and a stun rating of 6.

I can see the difference between lethality and damage ratings. but Ièm just going to ignore stun, as it clearly has no effect.

Awesome3250 says:

When dodging bullets do you press o or x?


what the fuck is up with the music in this game

Eliot Hence says:

Didn’t like the combat in this one. Enemies take too many hits

neo187rah says:

with this game we wanted to bring back the nostalgic feeling of the playstation2 era !


fckcom says:

does anyone know if the hidden blade is equipable ?

Morgaine Runions says:

Jacob is ridiculously adorable at 4:50
“Who’s a good horse? You are!”

Alif Barakbah says:

combat looks awful it is like ac > ac syndicate

jfr450 says:

Assassins creed needs to have more different looking enemies

JPSN Not Gaming says:

I love the “fatality” animation of the gun, b!tch slap a person with the gun while pulling it out of your holster then kicking him/her on the leg and shoots him/her point blank in the head. All we need now is the slow motion X-ray view.

TiMeSpLiT- -TeR says:

The combat is not epic enough. Where’s the dual weild? Where’s my body shield? Where’s the slow motion animation and you see blood splattered and their facial expressions when doing the kills? RIP stealth mechanics.

Watson 3. says:

I just think that it looks to fast to be realistic

jardi six says:

How do u actually wear a hat? My Jacob is just wearing some sort of cap.

Mikhail Loskov says:

Super … L’IA n’a pas changé …
Merci Ubisoft.

214Gaming says:

Still not a fan of the fact that the hood is used less in this game compared to previous titles.

Rotionpotion says:

0:03 seconds in, why didn’t she just shoot Jacob?

Finterifyell says:

i hate how all the snipers look the same

UltralawXD s says:

But… What happens next?

Rizer says:

This game actually looks incredible. For me personally the best ERA and the most advanced point of technological breakthrough in human history during the Victorian times in england. The weapons especially are amazing, hope to see new breed of guns though like the fast breach loading rifles and even magazine fed semi auto gas operated pistols!!!.

Fhagersson says:

Why the fuck does the mini map at 4:42 look like it has been copied from gta v?

Tanay Khankhoje says:

This looks nothing like Unity. Shadows are dull in some areas and trees look bad . The FPS might be stable but there are still a couple of bugs here and there.

Knights Templar says:

I like Unity’s combat system. It’s actually difficult in Unity so you can’t just run in and kill 5 guys like nothing, so you’re forced to use your ranged weapons, gadgets, stealth, and to upgrade Arno’s gear if you want any chance of succeeding. It is far from perfect though. My personal favorite combat system ever is Assassin’s Creed III’s. It wasn’t challenging, but never before had I felt like such a badass. It had amazing animations, plenty of blood, and amazing weapons that many had to be crafted. Too bad that game was shit though.

Soulja Lixer says:

was so hyped about the new AC “which is this” but as we have seen so far . not anymore …. very dissapointing . @Ubisoft doesn’t really listen to it’s fans since Unity (My opinion) …. canceled my pre-ordered and changed to Fall out 4 .

Bad H2o says:

That carriage hijacking sure did look sloppy. But so do all things about assassins creed games

3BulletsLeft4You says:

At the start of the video guy is shot and everyone around is chilling like nothing happened rofl xD

PaNeTozZ - 227 says:


motahar856 says:

I love ac i told my mother to buy me a disc she did say she will buy but never did X””( ure lucky

chookalatemuffin says:

Assassins Creed is done. They listened to the people complaining about the game being too easy and turned it into Shadow of Mordor. You guys happy now? Assassins Creed was unique. Now you can add this game into the same style of combat like Shadow of Mordor, Witcher, and Dark Souls. On another note. Can someone recommend me fast paced melee weapon games with awesome animations that are similar to the previous assassins creed? I don’t want some slow piece of shit like unity and syndicate.

Steele1925 says:

After hearing that they put a “Trans-Gender” character in here, JUST because they didn’t want to offend anyone…. I cannot support this game with my money. Political Correctness is mental illness.

Allosaurus Rex says:

All the people saying the combat is boring are idiots, then combat was boring in all of them until Unity. You just stand there & counter & you just killed a 100 enemies by standing there pressing 1 button. This is a more Batman Arkham style fighting system & everyone says that combat is amazing yet when AC makes a Arkham fighting style that’s amazing everyone says it’s shit.

Sharpy RokOut says:

if the rope launcher could be used to hook on walls and pull people towards you that would be the best tool an assassin could have.

ElNovato says:

Such unnecessary fight movements. That shit gets boring with too much fucking movement just to make them look “cool”.
Fuck this shit, the environment looks nice, but, is the same shit, they need to make this game more awesome, something like Gears Of War 3. YEAH! Brutal headshot, brains, amputations. Fuck yeah, this game needs THAT! And of course, many ways to kill those bastard, like use the wall, no that shit of “Jump and puch in the face” pff that is boring. Something crush the fucking head all over the wall. And when you are in a combat with a sword o a knife, you can cut off, arms, legs, and heads!
That what this game needs. (Learning english)

Sebastián Peralta Casafranca says:

Mmmm…. I still see flaws in the combat like the animations and that enemies won’t attack you in at the same time. Then, enviroment, as always, looks gorgous. Going from combat to carriges to parkour looks funny. I like the dodge bullets skill. Overall until now is a 7/10

Curt Baboon says:


Dat AI tho…

marko majnik says:

Every time I launch any AC for the first time, I scream like a groupie girl. Can’t wait for this one! 😀

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