Intense Street Combat – USMC in Hue City | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay


Played some RS2: Vietnam with Blue the other day and decided to upload the session. This game is turning out to be pretty damn fun. I played the beta a few months back and man, has it improved!
So, who wants more?

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This video was made using Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

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Dude Sweet says:

Just hope ground vehicles will be added good, tanks, cars n stuff. bf vietnam was the shit back in the old days B-)

SpectralAnomaly says:

“You die first, you have more subs than me”

Pir0wz 29 says:


John Doe says:

This game looks better than Battlefail 1

alawyibra says:

this game is better than bf1

Nutelko8 says:

This is basically Project Reality Vietnam only?

Jordan Preston says:

guys look up bluedrake42 hes a Youtuber

HydraDelDiablo says:

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Yagi says:

I hope it won’t devolve into “snipers sniping” like RO2, but who am I kidding, it’s going to be exactly that.

WARPAINT GAMER { Canadian } says:


Pedro Henrique Fernandes says:

“You die first. You got more subs than me.” – FORTY TWO, Bluedrake.

Generic Username says:

You are so bad at FPS it’s painful to watch.

Alexandre Longeon says:

2:45 FILLON2017 ^^

Old glory says:

I’m having Nam flashbacks

chaosXP3RT says:

You’re playing with BlueDrake!? That’s awesome! I love BlueDrake!

Scout Trooper says:

These are all stock effects, I recognize almost all of them

Gabee gbyr says:

Most time you die from Sniper fire and the best part is no killcam. Insta death !

yottK says:

And I wasted my money on insurgency…

Fabien Andrews says:

The clickbait is strong here

Saiga S says:

The USMC didn’t have forward assists on their M16s in Vietnam, those were only Army.

SixX says:

Hey is this game for console?

Ham24brand says:

you shot nutzo the balls fondler in the nuts

Tuft T says:

If there’s any french viewer, Why the fuck is there a guy named FILLON2017 at 3.10 on this game ??? lol
fyi its a french presidential candidate 😉

Aiden Norman says:

why are the radio sound effects Japanese??

deathtrick says:

why the fuck are marines wearing ERDL camo in hue city

craftspirit says:

Is he runnig while crouching?

Asdjjb Fhfgh says:

they’re still on our right, over at 11…. he must of ment his other 11…

Corsair TR says:

3:43 that sound omgé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dchil15 says:

Gotta be honest, you are one of the reasons the M16 gained a bust function.

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