HUGE ARMOURED BATTALION CHARGE – Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Gameplay

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romewarrior says:

can you do more of black sea?

Aidan Williams says:

boy you look like a half eaten grape

Observer29830 says:

Great kommanding, komrade!

Lee gaming says:

I love your RP Voce

Devon Schneider says:

I think the most disappointing part was that for a long time he had all his tanks just sitting there, and the half tracks full of troops could have done a flanking maneuver and taken the place while the armour was advancimg

boss408 says:

play pokemon go

Freddy Fazbear Silver Eyes says:

hey can we have some Jedi tanks and clones vs droids and tanks

Anthony Mollica says:

I would suggest putting all the heavies up front like the churchills followed by the mediums and finally the light tank destroyers in the rear. The heavies will absorb most of the hits safely. The long range 17 pounders will get kills safely from the rear lines.

Lee gaming says:

Germany pls

Leo Leo says:

yes yes britania britania……….

GRChu says:

The biggest WW2 Tank battle in history, Kursk…. fought by the Germans and the….British… and the Americans….?????

Geordan Branton says:

that ‘victory’ is up for debate as to who won

Matt Norman says:

American tanks under lend lease would’nt have American stars

Patriotic Nationalist says:

Is it me or is he ignoring the fact HOI4 is out and can do a gameplay on it

VolDep45 says:

Is it really going to be “insane”?  Do you have any idea how many times you used that word in the  first 2 minutes?

Joaquin de Leon says:

2:52 *Diplexgasm*

ChivKnight says:

“British army” – american stars on all equipment

hooker joe says:

Would’ve been nice if you had cease fired to see how many men you lost and how many the enemy lost.

Charla Baumgardner says:

can you do a tutorial on how to download gaw?

Garrhett Roebuck says:

You know you are desperate when your best soldier is one of the three stooges.

420Kasper420 says:

While many aspects of your videos turn me off, I come back for the stereotype-heavy accents and backstories you give your men. Keep that coming, and I’ll keep watching.

SquirleyIsHere says:

Do a free French or French Resistance battle

Gary Grandy says:

Hide & Seek with Tiger. Jolly good fun!

I have Osteoporosis says:

diplex, you are the sole reason I am still on youtube. thank you for your content.

cooper/star wars commander Minecraft and more says:

hey DiplexHeated do you live in Australia?

evildog1966 says:

Absolutely dreadful

Richard VanGelder says:


SuperLordHawHaw says:

I’ve never heard anyone get so excited over a solo game

Knight_Insane says:

Later in the britisch HQ. Three soldiers playing cards and talking about the storys, what happend to all the last battle.

Harry: Hey Finn. Did you heard about waht happens to Moe? It was crazy man.

Oliver: No, what happened?

Harry: He drove with his tracked vehicle directly in to the enemy lines. He was on the right and see one of our tracked vehicle in a combat with a tiger…

Oliver: A tracked vehicle in a fight with a Tiger? Really?

Harry started to laughing and continue his story.

Harry: Yes, he drove around the Tiger and try the hole time to dont get shot… The lads in the back must piss himels mate.

Harry, Finn and Oliver starting to laugh.

Oliver: Oh man, that must look hilarious!

Harry: Yeah, must be. Let me finish… So Moe drove on the back of the tiger and grabs the PIAT out off his vehicle, he crawl out off his vehicle and shoot directly on the back of the tiger!

Oliver/Finn: NO WAY?!

Harry: Oh yes mate, i told you!

Finn: What happened then?

Harry: So… Moe shot in the back of the Tiger and the engine was broke directly, but the krauts want continue the fight and pointing the main gun on Moe. He stand up and ran on the right on the Tiger and the bullets from the MG42 fly all over him, he plops down on the dirt and try hectic to reload his PIAT…

Oliver: What do the crew from the other tracked vehicle?

Harry: I am going to explain it Oliver, wait… So Moe shot directly on the right side of the Tiger and penetrate this monster again. Im sure an another crew member of the Tiger die by this, but we know these bastards and they didnt surrender so easy. So Harry must stand up again and run on the back of the Tiger. In this time, Oliver, drove the other crew too on the back of the tiger and disembark. The first Soldier try direct to throw a AT grenade on the back of the tiger and hit it, but nothing happen. Then continue turned the tiger his Head again to his back and im sure hes got an HE shell in load. But before he get his time to revenge, Moe shot this bastard again in the back and the tower stop turning. The mates waited for few seconds and the crew off the tiger crawl out off his Vehicle. All starting to shoot and kill the rest of the crew, on of the krauts shoot back with his pistol and really shot the squadleader from the other crew that helped Moe.

Finn: The germans really doesnt know when the time comes to give up…

Harry: Jup. So all concentrate his fire on him and it was a really overkill…

Oliver: That was it, or coming anything?

Harry: No, nothing. On that point ive lost him out of my sight. I didnt knew too or he is alive or dead after that.

Oliver let fall his cards on the table.

Oliver: Three Ace’s. I won lads.

Finn: I wish he is alive, he must be really earned a medal for that…

Finn looks on the table and then to oliver at the time he collect the cigarettes.

Finn: Hey Oliver, you want to hear the story from the guy hes got strangel for cheating?

Oliver: What mate?

Finn gets Olivers cards from the table and hold them in the Air.

Finn: When you are cheating, then dont use two pik Ace you idiot…

alessandro borja says:

name game

druss999 says:

I dont think your tanks are shooting….you need to order individual attack orders.

Donutasaurus Rex says:


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