House of the Dying Sun – Tactical Space Combat GAMEPLAY

Raw gameplay from two early missions in House of the Dying Sun.


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Abi Nubli says:

the style is cool

Ainsley Harriott says:

I thought this was Destiny for a second, but then I realised that something like this is to exciting for Destiny.

C2K says:

Is this just a space dogfighting game? or are there other things to do? like ship upgrading/progression etc? It looks good, i like they’ve kept it Planetary Annihilation style of graphics n not went full realism with it.

Dankus says:


Game Cross says:

I love everything about this. It looks awesome it sounds awesome. My kind of stuff!

dankcushions says:

someone likes colony wars

Lucas de Abreu says:

so is this VR, PS4, mobile, what?

Anubisrunner08 says:

I like the muffed and dull sound in space from the firing and exploding. This is how space games should sound… And NOT as if they are flying around on a COD map

Remiel says:

So this is what Enemy Starfughter become

Zephyrus88PL says:

Guys, shot when You inside enemy shields. You will damage hull directly.

Eva Bekkert says:


Reaperman4711 says:

I’m not sure if the game is really hard or if the skills on display are just low.

sushidesign85 says:

I kinda got a Battlestar Galactica dogfight vibe. Looks good.

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