Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay: Combat and World Locations in New PS4 Exclusive

Direct capture of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 from a preview event at Guerilla Games in Amsterdam, showing different combat encounters, a glimpse of one of the human settlements, and scaling one of the giant robo-dinosaurs as seen in the E3 debut footage.


artisticnature666 says:

glad i played dark souls 3 im all ready for this 🙂

Caramel Viking says:

This game doesn’t deserve the hype it has, I rather play far cry primal than play this stupid number game bullshit

Abdullah Al-Marhuby says:

Lol whoever is playing must think a bow works like a gun, just pulling the trigger -.-

Phillip Tran says:

DU MA any of ya jackass motherfuckers gonna buy this game when it comes out on Febuary 28th

Phillip Tran says:

nigga u need to learn how to play video game

Billy 2 Smooth says:

this is going to look sick on my PS4 Pro and my Samsung ks8000

da_yung _donn says:

can anyone please tell me if this game is worth checking out im still debating


this looks very similar to Breath of the Wild from the Zelda series :0

Canucks Fan says:

So looking forward to this. Probably as close as we will get to a open world turok game. For now playing through far cry primal to get my pre historic fix and loving it.

FNL 4EVA says:

My 8 year old nephew has more skill then the gamer in the video. This is why many games are made to easy these days. It looks boring when bad players doing these videos lose sales.

mudbreedman79 says:

This looks uneventful. Ill wait for reviews on this one.

Phillip Tran says:

whoever playing this game your faggot ass fuckin SUCK

BaDUM Tsss says:

This going to flop in 123

Тенгиз Модебадзе says:


Ray Frick says:

My first question would be… why don’t more people watch this :/ I used this website in past, it might help you u2bzone (dot) C O M

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