Hitman 2 – Brutal Combat – Funny Moments & Random Gameplay – Vol.3

Welcome back to some more Hitman 2. Today I decided to mess around a bit as I did back in Hitman 2016. I lowered the difficulty for this video, so the AI is as dumb as ever. Let me know if you enjoyed the video, also let me know if you like this type of video or the serious videos more. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀


HUNdebLeonidasX says:

The ragdolls isn’t look that satisfying here

عين الشكروت says:

man I love you and I love your videos

SLEEP TIGHT Roblox says:

3:05 is the best part

Gabe Spirit says:

Why haven’t you conquered yputube? I love your channel!

Judas Fox says:

The brutality of these games has been lowered so drastically and I will never buy them because of this. Just embrace the m rating of your murder simulator

EL Pouleto says:

I’m one like vidéo

Hen Dawg says:

This game is ass

Andijvie says:

More like Cartoon Network kills

Swifty Unknown says:

Turning the difficulty down makes the AI extremely dumb lol.
Enjoy the video 😀

Ajay Ghale __ says:

What haaappened to GTA 4?

TheAK47striker says:

Is this a complete game or is it releasing in seperate parts like the first game?

kingejiro says:

Game looks trash. Thank God for RDR2 and Spiderman

Alleah Leska says:

I love your vids

norbercik says:

What a gentelman

masa zom says:



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