God of War – PGW 2017 Gameplay Trailer | PS4


Intensity, strategy, and an emotional combat connection between Kratos and his son Atreus, is what Santa Monica Studio wants you to feel in the new combat system for God of War. This combat moment with the deadly Draugr’s in the Huldra Mine, in the middle of mayhem, is a perfect example of how Kratos and Atreus can take down their enemies, together, in the brutal Norse wilds as they fight to fulfill a deeply personal quest.

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Not Spider-Man says:

Not angry or anything, but the kid talks a lot. Like, a lot.

Hadji Mojahid says:

I wouldn’t mind a daughter dlc tbh

mrdejavu101 says:

Too short!!!

Libran Divo says:

So cute with the son!

_-/',S o l o A c e 672,'-_ says:

My fathers going to love this 🙂

dbdbdb says:

My proudest fap.

阿 吴 小号 says:

horror trailer

Brad Hackler says:

God of War IV: Biohazard.

Israel Gomes says:


Rogerio rickson says:

Eu fico de pau duro assistindo isso

Junior Banegas says:

Sony you are Devil

Jake Guldin says:

My hype is immeasurable


Ill just emulate it on pc

William Robinson says:

Kratos, a lot less badass than I thought.


Who doesn’t love god of war

rai gamer says:

Depois desse god of war que vai baseado por livros históricos nordicos acho que vai uns 5 dessa saga espero que o próximo seja rpg com mundo aberto com asgard e o filho dele no Egito e na batalha final seja os primodiais com os males da caixa de pandora e o mistério onde esta morfeu , e alfa mega e ômega que e o próprio kratos

ThePiotreknator says:


Bruno Jacquet says:

Would it be Baba Yaga singing in the end of the video? It sounds fantastic ! I’m a big fan of nordic mythology 🙂

Hrishikesh parab says:

When did they hire Arnold Schwarzenegger for Kratos’ voice …

hamody gamer says:


Krispicryme Steelaxe says:

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY 200$ but give this Littest game ever

LockwoodE3 says:

Role model goals

CryoAces says:

It’s gonna be sad on hard mode when his son is watching me die

AstroScience says:

É impressão, ou o menino fala “father” nos 0:40?

Neoand12 says:

So collectors edition? Sony I would drop some serious cash on a figure from this GOW as I did with Horizon.



God says:

Prequel or sequel?

Mcbrian Norris says:

that end shocked me though

That Weeb says:

goddamit why can’t xbox get some good exclusives too ? its not fun stomping the competition when they don’t fight back , it’s not fun fanboying if they are so weak

Victor Lippi says:

Kratos’ movements are little cluncky.

ath44 hussin says:

0:32 too realistic for me

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