God of War | Deconstructing Combat | PS4

From ferocious combat and meaty RPG options, we put Santa Monica Studios’ upcoming epic through its pace.

Kratos returns in God of War on 20th April: http://play.st/GoWStore


Younes Tennoussi says:

This is the best game in the world

Jenish Trambadiya says:

Will this run at 60fps on regular ps4?

Chuy says:

Everyone complaining that the game is like the last of us, do you all even understand that the hack and slash games aren’t as popular as they use to be and that you are living in the past?! Well then if you don’t like it don’t buy it simple as that, let us that we want a change have some fun.

Tinseltopia says:

This better explain the GOW:3 ending… Do not just act like nothing has happened and suddenly we’re in Norse land

Jorge Alan Rivera Morales says:

God of souls 4

mathijs351 says:

day one

jay V says:

People keep compairing it to darksouls when the director says “we dont want to mimic dark souls,we wanted to grab a loop from that style of gameplay”
It is not darksouls !!

jordan favre says:

where is the blood where is the 5 other weapon where is god of war?

shalaw best says:

This is not what I want..!

Rodrigo Segura says:

0:26 downgrade

Lucas Jerez says:

i was hatin it a few days ago when it was leaked…but then you have to accept that the changes can be great.

Laser Bungalow says:

The combat looks good, *but this still doesn’t feel like God of War.*

hyhhyhth hfggfgg says:

The environments don’t seem all that varied..

Halil Cifci says:

Im sick n tired of pll comparing every single game with dark souls..

arnulfo martinez says:

can’t wait for 4/20 god of war,super troopers 2 and a perfect circle new album

DDaniel Gameplays says:

Please sony god of war 1 & 2 remake!!!

Nathan Drake says:


سبع السباع says:

God of war 4 not better

Darenn Freitas says:

Remove health bars

diegoh simio says:

webean caleta con la wea giles culiaos, arruinaron la saga con la puta idea de crear realismo en algo innecesario el juego es fantasía mas encima agregaron al hijo de kratos que parece los pájaros que matabas en god of war 1 ridículo compadre, espero que el niño muera al minuto 20 de gameplay

Andrew says:

Скучно, врагов мало, крови мало

Young Cashregister says:

Blades of chaos will be missed

Axel Perez says:

Se me hace que va a ser un estilo for honor la jugabilidad y la camara

Mostefa Ahmed says:

The barbarian king returns sound track was awesone

Tha Pume says:

Shadow of God of War.

mr gamimg king says:

Awesome no words to describe it. Too good

god hand says:

where is jump, In previous gow Kratos jump and feathers came out

Darenn Freitas says:

Starting to feel like most of these peoplecin the comments never actually played god of war

Ram Dorak says:

For PC pls

Sub-zero Pernambucano says:

RIP Xbox one

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