God of War – Combat Gameplay with Kratos and Atreus

Sponsored by God of War. In the new God of War, combat has evolved from the past God of War games to give you more strategic choices. Check out Kratos engaging in vicious combat from the new game, helped in battle by his son and skilled ally Atreus! (Sponsored by God of War)


sjors91 says:

Is this game open world ?

TheRamboss says:

I hope there’s more weapons than just a damn axe. This is a new change for the franchise and studio so I don’t think it’ll be a great game. Just good

scar0983 says:

Kratos is like Batman, he don’t need no stinking robin slowing him down.

Jacob Driscoll says:

This….is not a good ad…too much breathless praise, not enough actual gameplay.

Stona Raptor says:

i wanted the good old hack and slash gameplay… well, i still have good of war 1-2

It'sAlexForShort says:


Ian Chamelion says:

The combat has evolved? Maybe evolved backwards. I liked the old style combat and camera angles, its why I liked god of war. This new over the shoulder camera makes the combat look very boring, it looks like its all visuals and the fun part of the fighting has gone out the window. I just hope I’m wrong!

Emperor B777 says:

Joel and Ellie.
Hell just noticed the boys weapon of choice is a bow like Ellie.

elshift sd says:

God of father

Karl Long says:

Looking freaking awesome ✌

Nick995 says:

This game reminds me of the Logan movie with wolverine

ZeroHxC07 says:

How many times are they going to show us the same gameplay clip? I don’t want to see the full game but at least show something different or don’t show anything.

aditya ch says:

Without the blades of Olympus, a gow is never a gow! This might be a great game but never a gow game!

MrJblazini says:

Not sure it will have enough replay value for digital copy might by physical and sell it after

skri llex says:

Fucking christ!!!! Gamespot, you’re a fucking disappointment to this community

Nikos Hernandez says:

I Love it reminds me a lot games together what a good gane and awesome effects

Alan Fleming says:

God of war team, dont listen to these clowns writing negative comments. The game looks like a fucking MASTERPIECE!!! i have it preordered since it was available to preorder.

Tyrone Beard says:

Guys stop complaining when u actually have played it urself got ur hands on it then u can say something no one can get nothing by watching someone else play the game it doesn’t work like that people it never had so please stop just no lol

lxs077 says:

im praying its good but this change got me a bit worried



Zenith says:

The Last God of Us.

Luvsta Grind says:

4/20 everybody get your blunts and PS4’s ready. it’s gonna be a epic day.

Kilonova says:

The kid sounds annoying

darkblood626 says:

I really don’t like the health bars.

CRAB JAB says:

Pre ordered and ain’t even watched a thing since that first gameplay last year.

I just wanna say , why the F do they overkill it?
I have paused this and won’t watch but what I mean is , every single gaming channel practically posts:




Why do companies do this or allow it? We get it, the game is out soon and you want promo but this is OVER KILL.

It’s the same with Movie Trailers now. You have seen 90% of Infinity War already. Vision becomes human …… why the F would you give that away ?

jbxxkxncbx bjbzjxnbx says:


Witcher Man says:

Only bad thing is the health bar for the enemies, it just doesn’t fit.

RedSky 6897 says:

Combat looks intense

3dextrude Tutorials says:

Game looks amazing, but it’s just not God of War. I will have to wait for Darksiders 3 to fill the void of hack and slash, rpg-ish gameplay.

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