Gladiator Arena Combat Gameplay – Assassin’s Creed: Origins | E3 2017

Ba Yek must prove himself in the arena at Krokodilopolis. Can he take to down the waves of enemies and a hulking final boss?

Note: This alpha footage capture contains an audio hiss every few seconds. GameSpot apologizes for the inconvenience.


A Name says:

Can someone tell me why the combat system is bad? Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see what is wrong.

Ultimate Shifter says:

Wow he really moves fast when circling even in just few steps 😐

FosterMinotaur2 says:

The combat looks like trash tf

Micah Camper says:

Awww man I guess countering and parrying was to OP

robert jerome says:

arena in ancient egypt
even in roman times…. what … the ffffff
also a roma gladiator that size????
come on it s assasin s creed
history??? ring any bell

Erik Ling says:

romans or Egyptians… I am confused!?!

Dude Bro says:

we dark souls now bois

Lyrical Jones says:


Raptr says:

They should stay with the old combat system and improve it, this one looks weird

Leeson says:

Fuck yeah a bit more polish and this will be in the same vein as Dark souls!


*Introducing: Assassin’s Creed Origins, now with MMO/MOBA style combat that wouldn’t look out of place in Final Fantasy or Overwatch.*

aaaaaaadelknight says:

combat is the shit !! you should have ripped the witcher 3 combat system instead of ripping dark souls and the surge combat system . you destroyed the franchise even further mofos !!

anynameavailablewtf says:

No more deflect/counter mechanic?

2insne1 says:

Who remembers how Prince of Persia was a good game and had great combat for its time, then Ubisoft destroyed it. this is just history repeating itself but this time with AC.

abid hossain says:

what’s with the mech dash?

STSandi says:

Why change the AC/Arkham style fighting-sytem? It was great and I loved it?!

LightHOwUSE says:


JEP xxx says:

I think what made assassin’s creed so great was after each fight I felt like a badass I don’t see it in this game just slide hit slide hit instead B and X counter but even that was better!!! atleast we got a cool kill animation those look rare in this game the combat just looks choppy Ubisoft stop working so hard to add a bunch of meaningles bs in the game and actually make it enjoyable to play

Lone Wolf says:

Just ask Miyazaki to borrow the fighting system of Dark Souls and give it to ACO because this is combat is just plain crap.

Aafaq Virk says:

is this batman????

Rivia says:

If they wanted to make it Souls-esque they should have tried to make it look like Nioh’s combat and not Dark Souls. DS combat works well for their style of game. Looks silly here.

Tomáš Novický says:

I honestly think this system is the best one we had so far, only its terribly unpolished. Same choppy animations with no continuity. And the walking and dodging animations are pure dogshit. But overall, this combat system looks like if it was taken straight out of the witcher 3, and thats not such a bad thing.

vito corleone says:

wtf are these andromeda booster jet dashes. And this is total rpg tanking hits with an axe to the face/body……

SeekNeo says:

looks like an MMO, trash

Cryfore says:


Dragon Games says:

So basically legend of zelda.

James Nicholls says:

Why is this guy a boss? Seems like they’ve just made him more of a sponge. Nothing particularly special about him.

Kaleb Hardy says:

so basically side step like a moron, good job ubi

ThaaMilkMan says:

took a year break and came back with THIS!? look at God of War now that’s how you do a combat revamp.. this is just disappointing

IzeIzeBaby says:

I hope they rework the combat. This shit takes way too long and is no dark souls. I want quick agile combat in a game about assassins and not a slow ass dude with a huge axe hacking away at someone for minutes. BAM BAM two daggers in the neck, DONE. That’s what assassins creed is about.

Totte Kallkvist says:

The combat looks awesome! Much more challenging and fun! This game is gonna be awesome! Unitys fighting was the best in the past, except it was’nt polished enough. This looks better already!

jezer patrick says:

really enemies ragdoll in such a funny way..and why can’t bayek sever limbs and decapitate his enemies the combat is ambitious but i feel like it isnt following through smoothly….what difference is there in the way u kill if all enemies look the same when dead..

zeth97 says:

Looks sloppy

Matthew Schmidt says:

thought of the witcher and dark souls when I saw this, which is ok, but this is supposed to be AC.. like, come on ubisoft.. U can do better than this in terms of being original/creative.

Karel Jetel says:

I think AC combat should look like AC3 combat by default. It was fluent, good looking, realistic and very satisfying. Yes, it was easy, but I dont think AC combat should ever be hard/challanging. Ever. If you´re up for a challange, go fucking play dark souls or some other skill based game. Ubisoft, get your shit together

Gustavo LPU says:

I think Assassin’s Creed Origin is an Action RPG game

triton ppooper says:

this isnt assassins creed.

Tivey Media says:

fun idea, change isnt inherently bad and the ac combat has always sucked so its no tragedy if its still rubbish

SolinotheWolf says:

Its funny how most people who like don’t comment, but all who dislike also comment :))

Christheclamper 24 says:

assassins creed 3 had the best combat

Vito Scarletta says:

For Honor singleplayer: stupid ,clumsy and weak combat

katsupoi24 says:

pre order now to get a discount on the season pass

brawler3rd says:

It’s trying to follow the standards of action-rpgs of late. I dig that kind of stuff. A very expressive combat system. But it’s not Assassin’s Creed anymore.

Alan Zhang says:

Assassin’s souls confirmed

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