Ghost Recon Wildlands New Gameplay Showcasing Bits On Stealth, Combat, Driving, Freeroam And Helicopter Gameplay! Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Open World 3rd Person Combat Game! Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Funny Epic Moments!

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Trey boy says:

Is it out

Slime Wizard says:

9:37 #ChickenHaveLives2 pls help this support for animal abuse *KFC i didn’t oder beef i said chicken burger*

R.I.P_ Dignity says:

Congrats Vadact. You managed to fail the tutorial… lol

Dwayne Volcere says:

I can’t wait to play this ps vadact you got a new sub

Ataïr ibn La' Ahad says:

the brazil want more

Mr BonBon says:

wtf how did u drive that fast, when i played, my car speed is freaking slow af.. i held down r2 o.O

ClashRoyalPlays says:

yessd more

RAPPER ryan says:

spirt i feel u me to

Matteo Gonano says:

most annoying you tuber I watched please stfu and play the game faggot asshole

Yaygen Mills says:

talking too much -_-

Cillian Gogarty says:

The new call of duty

Jake Figueroa says:

ur not funny

T Highlander says:

i dont like this dirt streets

Fuzzyballs01 says:

you sound like a 14-year old with ADHD

Aaron Chrudinsky says:

1,000th like here!!!

kosta play's says:

YOU have budgies tooooo!?!?!?!?

Daniëlle Schelstraete says:

Best video Evert

Slime Wizard says:

i bet u $4545656787667656 that u didnt read the numbers and u didnt notice that i put a letter there but im sure u know checked it so no money 4 u

Sergio Medrano says:

Make more

Decrepit Chef says:

Looks like a great game.

Andres Ayala says:

i love PlayStation 4 or

Gaming Bros says:

I love this channel!

Riley Duff says:

How r u playin this game i thought it came out in march

Fabian Regener says:

so funny 🙂

Maniac 311 says:

Ghost Recon Wildlands!!!!!!

Nawaz Alam says:

mast vedio hai

Jared Quan says:

ghost recon wildlands – third person far cry
mass effect andromeda – third person destiny

Siyar Fener says:

Will i able to play ghost recon wildlands demo like the demo of dying light ????

lolypop feminist says:

11 minutes realy?

robin thoelen says:

Don’t worry about your controller skills. I am bad at using a keyboard to game. That’s why I am a console peasant. Can anyone tell me how to become better at Pc gaming?

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