Galactic Junk League – The Laser Destroyer! – Galactic Junk League Gameplay Ship Building & Combat

Galactic Junk League Ship Building featuring my first build a Laser Destoryer Class! Welcome back everybody to another episode of Galactic Junk League. In today’s video I go to the drawing board and make my first ship from scratch. I focused on lasers for this build as I felt it was a good mix of long and short range but the end product ended up being more of a close range build. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Galactic Junk League, thanks for watching and liking!

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What used to be a prosperous universe is now a post-apocalyptic rusty dump full of galactic junk. Savage arenas became the only amusement we have. To fight and destroy, we use all necessary means from super advanced beam weapons to makeshift torpedoes made from a rusty fridge.

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Dylan Williams says:

Just created an account and I’m going to install the game tomorrow, first thing I’m going to do is make a Star Destroyer, and many other star wars, halo, ect ships. If there’s a store/workshop I’ll put them on there, look for my name “Admiral Nightmare”. I don’t do things lazily, I will literally spend hours making stuff in games like this, adding every detail I can.

SKfilming says:

does this require a good computer? i bet right?

Pleco219 says:

OMG! “I actually didn’t mean to make it look like a cock and balls!” That cracked me up!

Nightmare Blade says:

So this isn’t robocraft?

septic tank says:

Fire in the hole… get it Junkers junkrat from overwach ,no ,ok 🙁

Ismael ambriz says:

Play Robocraft

Ray of Insanity Gaming says:

+Draegast if you enjoy Junk League I definitely recommend trying out Robocraft. I haven’t played it myself in quite some time and I know they’ve made quite a few changes to the game, but last I played it almost feels like a mashup between Besieged crafting and Junk League.

Sono Yamia says:

I built a long range ship with the artillery ability. I just snipe enemies before they can get close to me.

Crankshaft1012 l says:

frig. et not fridge et

canye mccoy says:

he said lazerbeam

7 subs with no videos says:

Like it

James Matias says:

Question: has anyone here played (or, at the very least heard of) Fractured Space? This game’s combat seems near identical.

Sverre V Jonsson says:

been on holiday without wifi, am in heaven so many vid to watch 😀

Kevin Brady says:

I just want drae to get to 1 million because hes so good

MasterOfstupiD says:


Thing Some says:

Space balls should have used this

Top Ramen says:

you should build ricks spaceship

_RainyDay _ says:

This on steam?

Just Sammy says:

The reverse accident dick & balls

Seraynel Cruden says:

Did somebody paid atention to the chat, cause i was all into that.

Paul Colclough says:

Set phasers to ALL OF THEM

Aminot says:

the chat in the game said: whats up?
a roof.
where are you from?

Vitorio Vitorioz says:

robocraft is better than this shit! xD

AceRedstone says:

oh! you can call us junkies! get it!!!

Jonathan Sherretz says:

you should do a frigate missile build

Kill2 go on and binglblke9 gaming says:

in the front looks a little wrong jk

DiamondDeck says:

The funniest part of this episode is that is first destroyer was shaped like a dick ;D

carticulous cage says:

i think i have a dirty mind cause i laughed so hard when you said little tug boat

Sarah kerr says:

scout?, i think dreagast=muselk look at the vocie dreagast confirmed.

Landon H. says:

does it even work on mac??

Dariusz Kozlowski says:

Cock and balls LOL!!!hahahahahaha

When I'm Depressed says:

its similar to robocraft but at least you are not limited with resources but just cpu

allen ogletree says:

play cross out

rett reynolds says:

He spent more than half the video talking about it instead of playing

Christopher McCauley says:

Hopefully, I can join you on the battlefield Draegast. Happy hunting.

Jack Boyett says:


Antifant says:

Drae think about a death star creation !

Tommy-lee Scott says:

call it the dickship

Fabricio Sabino says:


toxic rainbow says:

it is a hard noke life

When I'm Depressed says:

Is this worse copy of robocraft or the better copy of robocraft?

James Andreasen says:

come back to this game plz

T-34-85 Julio9 says:

where is the bone-laser?


When will you go back to Groundhog Day?

Morphologis says:

Oh it’s you. And here I had no idea that you were a youtuber.

ThatGuyAlpha says:

Hey Dreagast have you heard about RoboCraft its just like this game. Give it a try

CreepyblackZ says:

19:43 You should have add the thruster on theese blocks, it would look more futuristic

Dinokyle 866 says:

WTF it’s like cross out meets spacecraft

Bossiege says:

So drae when making it did you just jerk off and take inspiration?

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