First 20 Minutes of Diluvion Gameplay – Submarine Combat and Exploration

Watch us assemble a crew and explore the beautiful and dangerous otherworldly deep sea of Diluvion.

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Kusal Gunasekera says:

Neat! I love the combination of exploration and the 2d nature of the Sub’s insides.

sam torr says:

This reminds me of the Disney Cartoon film Atlantis

The Real Unbroken says:

Wanna see a funny troll

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Manamune anada says:


Sunesen says:

Looks really zen to play.

Nathan Banuelos says:

I remember when IGN was LIT

Anonymous Jake says:

Can’t wait to play this!

afromarco005 says:

switch release thank you

The Real Unbroken says:

This ain’t even 20 minutes click bait idiots

Inspector Steve says:

this game is gorgeous. love the art style

Nothing Unusual says:

It’s (not) Guns of Icarus!

LastCyNinja says:

Song of the Deep in 3D

Ohsnap Gaming says:

600 people who like this will kiss their crush tomorrow 😉

The Beast says:

I wasn’t expecting much but this actually looks really interesting.

pumpkinsoul12 says:

can you get new subs?

Chris Walker says:

I might have bought it if it wasn’t a dark game with random WAY TO BRIGHT things appearing.

ThatUndeadLegacy says:

This is unique il check it out.

very strange says:

is it made by the people that created don’t starve? Looks similar

reda alaoui says:

0:52 change sensitivity and dont apply LUL

wolf says:

man this game looks good!

StopMotionWorkshop says:

I can make you feel stupid

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Craftiness says:

Epic Arma trolling on my channel, subscribe and help us grow! 3 more subscribers until goal guys!

Aname Goeshere says:

this looks awesome.

Tiago Cavalcanti says:

bioshock 2 + fallout shelter= this game

Kestutis Vedegys says:

This guys is a horrible player missed out on two adventure right off the bat wth

catdogcat1 says:

Another piece of shit game

Matthew Johnson says:

Love the art style. Love the sounds too. I think this will be a pleasant change of pace after RE7

Nicholas Fury says:

What platform is this for?

Gary Wong says:

kinda of reminds me of legend of zelda spirit tracks aaahhh good times

Tenderloin Salmon says:

any o u guys member Dx.11 Benchmark went underwater exploration?

finally…this GAME CAME OUT……on CONSOLE!!!!!!

bomapdich says:

what is this. I’m so intrigued

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