Final Fantasy XV – Stealth & Combat Gameplay

Footage/Images Courtesy of Square Enix.




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Kitsuneamy says:

Modern Final Fantasy is a lost cause. Unless they go back to turn based combat like FF7, 9, and 10, I just can’t play it. I tried that combat system in FFXIII and couldn’t stand it. They need to go back to their roots, especially with the upcoming FFVII remake that they’ve already messed up by goofing up the combat system.

ChronoPaladin91 says:

1:37 = ! “HQ come in! Enemy sighted! Requesting backup!”
It seems I wasn’t the only one that thought this when first watching this.

cody flack says:

I really want this to be a good game, I just don’t have confidence in it yet.

Clark alucard says:

even if they found you, you won’t get fucked like in metal gear

Destined Star says:

Noctis is like fuck your JUMP atk at 3:13

The Noctis Show says:

2:29 a lot of people are going to talk shit about that part..

TheThewaffleking5 says:

Where’s the cardboard box?

I'm shenoku says:

But his hate still isn’t strong enough…

ChanceBox says:

Can’t believe it’s already been 10 years since this was announced as Versus XIII. Definitely looking forward to it, especially after seeing a stealth element.

corexisguhmazin says:

omg I’m so excited for this game

MC Pliskin says:

“Cidney! we managed to avoid drowning!”

r3dp0isn says:

I actually like this

NinetyNineNo says:


Chico Papass says:

never would I have ever thought of getting a FF game again (I only liked 3-7, Tactics, crisis core), but holy shit this looks so good. This game looks expensive as all hell.

C PT says:

Nice and bastardized. lol Granted this isn’t the first time a stealth aspect hasn’t been implemented into a Final Fantasy. In the end, this new contrast of the original gameplay from one of the most memorable JRPG series ever is probably for the same reason why VII is seeing its own change. I suppose if we get the same game over and over again, people are just going to get sick of it.

Mikhail Strubler says:


Ryan Rognas says:

I’m…actually pretty impressed. I haven’t been all that enthused about final fantasy for quite a while, but damn if they haven’t gotten me interested…and all they had to do was invoke metal gear.

ChilangoGONEWILD says:

thats it for me….am buying it

Thewelshplayer1992 says:

ive never played final
fantasy but after seeing this I am now a huge fan 🙂

LS says:

Will we ever see turn based tactical play like older final fantasies? Ever since they started doing live action combat, it just isn’t enjoyable.

kasinalpha says:

This is epic, but FF13 created a Casual Market, the games in the past ten years haven’t helped with Kingdom Hearts and mobile games, granted I’m hardcore and say screw the casuals, but I see this game getting alot of hate from people who are now used to easy casual Final Fantasy games

Danny 17245 says:

looks so awesome

Sjono says:

Did I just see the ability to play as other characters besides Noctis

alex avila says:

We all know the game will not be like this when it comes out

LordDragon47 says:

So… Square wanted a Metal Gear Solid/Devil May Cry crossover?

Horatio Velvetine says:

Me like

Misu Satriyo says:

This is the Japanese RPG i’ve been waiting for since Kingdom Hearts 2. This might be the revival of JRPG since the good ‘ol PS1 era. Western RPGs might have evolved for the better from the past years to surpass even some of the best JRPGs, but damn i miss this genre.

I’m learning to trust you again square, please don’t mess this up 🙂

Moe Rahman says:

bruh… fuck nostalgia! Thislooks like so much fucking fun. I’m probly going to buy a ps4 now just to play this.

The Noctis Show says:

Noctis is Gas Snake?!

Sergio Ramirez says:

Will we be able to play the game in Japanese but with English subtitles like in this video???

DieHappy InYourWorld says:



Neiro.Ferine says:

ur getting too hype for this game , thats never is good.
besides whats the deal with this guy … i dont wanna play as a 14yo sasuke

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