Far Cry 5: Epic High Action Stealth Hideout Clearing & Combat Gameplay – Compilation Vol.5

Welcome back to more Far Cry 5. Everyone seems to be enjoying these videos a lot. For those of you asking don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the other games. Look forward to some ACO soon. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support, see you in the next one 😀


Headboom says:

why did you rename on Swifty Unknown? SwiftyLovesYou was better

Liam Grey says:

Completed fc5 yesterday thinking of starting again as a female and do the secret ending.

Ozhar1 says:

Do one with an flamethrower!

Drake IslikLOVE says:

bruhh u have mind that a big blue whale thinks what it is lik out here

R.A.P .T.O.R says:

Nice vid.

Fantastic Vlogs says:

SICK VID BRO, keep it up.

Sex69 XxX69 says:


DossierLX L says:

Swifty, do more sniper stealth kills

Ricky Gonzalez says:

Put it on hard and do that anybody can do that on easy

ProjectMatching says:

Is the 1911 red dot and silenced in the game or dlc??

John Loook says:

Happy 40k swifty can i ask u a question swifty

Are u a girl or boy

Nathan Marchionni says:


2nd son playz says:

Is far cry 5 an open world game?

FADE TieR says:

Now they have wolves and not dogs so when I kill it doesn’t feel bad

Awsi says:

“Help me Faith” Very nice video

Bismarck Bismarck says:

Whats the song in the bakground

LION says:

Wich guns for hire are you using, most of the time and why?

WarriorGod Games says:

This is how the rest of the world sees America, Great work as always Swifty

adam king says:

Dude i rlly love you video dude 🙂

Ozhar1 says:

What was Boomer doing the whole time?

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