Fallout 4 Exploration & Combat Gameplay Direct Feed

Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY First 90 Minutes ► https://youtu.be/_zF37IWhJSY

Fallout 4 Gameplay Exploration and Combat Trailer early exploration outside of Vault 111

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Joshua Cliche says:

Does anybody know the name of the song playing during the last half of the video? Is it a real song, or was it recorded specifically for this game/video?

George Willmore says:

The sound design is phenomenal

Virgil Greyson says:

“That’s a nice hat you got there.”


Its like fallout 3 but in color

EmanS117 says:

Make F4 Compatible with VR = Goodbye Real Life

Leks says:

Now all it needs is destructible environment.

Jacy Brooks says:

What are we gonna call the main protagonist of fallout 4? (Example the lone wanderer or courier six)

MultiMangaGuy says:

only 3 month left Gaah cant the time go anay faster D:

garrick Anderson says:

anyone else think there will be wolfenstein easter eggs?

DiabolicalToast says:

The Preston Garvey scene and power armor scene are, obviously, really early in the game. You can tell level up bar going up do high over killing a single raider.

montathar hassan says:

This game is trivial

Blue_Angel says:

Can’t wait to see what they will do with the next single player elder scrolls game.

MrJoco77 says:

So in this year i got Witcher 3 and i will have this…This is an amazing year for PC gaming.

RU71KL0L5 says:

I got the biggest hardon watching this.

Nexus Playthroughs says:

And this is before the inevitable mods are created. School? Work? Never heard of it!

BloxEzio3 says:

A Deathclaw crawls out of sewer.
Stare it and DO NOTHING.

The Legend says:

Can you make a girl character?

Aliashock says:

A fallout game with jetpacks! If that doesn’t prove there is a loving god in this world I don’t know what will!

niko abaidze says:


Gavin Chewey says:

cant wait looks great.

Trevionne Perkins says:

I’m just gonna say because no one else will. I Hate the death claws already… More vicious attacks like a ram well it’ll really piss me off… But I can’t wait to kill them shits

Jhonny Oliver says:

what? u can kill a guy by shooting a teddy bear at him? goty 10/10 XD

7007King0770 says:

Glad to see Bloody Mess is still a thing…

Amitiel says:

i have this strange sad feeling that my laptop wont be able to run this game….

Let 'er Rip says:

Looks as boring as Fallout 3.

gabbercharles says:

big fan of the series, have been waiting for this release for years… Now I’m facing the tough question: since I have no pc nor console to support this, what would be the best option to play it given my economic constraints? any suggestions?

LISTS and LOLZ says:

Imagine if fallout had destructible maps with physics. Omg. But they have worlds so big it would take so long to make. I wonder if they would consider doing it if people agreed to pay 100.00 for the game. I know i would

Sabre Cat says:


I can’t wait to hear Mans1ayer use this phrase and others in his Fallout 4 Gamer Poop episodes.

The Ethe says:

I really hope 3:26 – 3:30 is just a cut out… I play as a Very Evil character, and I don’t want to ever say that. Crossing my fingers!

Jaison J Franklin says:

Intelligence 3???? You will suffer!

Sam Fhisher says:

And here goes my another 5 yrs of life. 

poor wallet You guys lucky just for the purchasing game I need whole new hardware GPU, CPU and Rams. Is there any bank which give me a loan for this?

MegaDan says:

I don’t see what’s to complain about with the graphics. I think they look gaddamn stunning 😀

DCEUHype says:

The character looks like younger Robert De Niro. And this game has the best updated graphics on PS4!

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