Fallout 4 COMBAT Gameplay


Ronen I says:

wow looks awesome. thanks for the gameplay

Cresh says:

This is why im getting this on pc. On a console i’d probably overuse VATS like u

Sudoku Suku says:

its awesome as epic

Chimas ψ says:

Brooo Double-barrel shotgun will be my Jaaam!!

PandyTim BR says:

Nice vid

rafael diaz says:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fallout 3 was the exploration of each location(Buildings, caves, bunkers,etc) But I got the feeling that it won’t be as good in fallout 4.


you can equip two weapons , FFS finally

Billy Shears says:

Is there an online mode where players fight each other? Like a deathmatch in COD, GTA or any similar game?

Caleik7HD says:

Nice cant wait to play this 😀

Humble Bumble says:

The player got detected almost instantaneously in sneak mode even when they were far way. Perhaps sneaking perks/difficulty setting will be much more important in this game or they have made LOS for enemies much more believable.

Derek Marshall says:

Looks pretty good! How are you liking it so far?

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