Fallout 4: 9 Changes to Combat Gameplay in Fallout 4 – Fallout 4 Details at Gamescom 2015

9 Changes to Combat in Fallout 4: A combat-heavy demo of Fallout 4 at Gamescom 2015 got Mike and Andy talking about the notable changes and welcome refinements to shooting and killing things in Fallout 4. Subscribe for more! http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

Among the changes to combat in Fallout 4 include improvements to shooting and sniping (you can now click in the stick to hold your breath) and the way the V.A.T.S. aiming system no longer completely freezes time, along with how radiation poisoning works, grenade throwing and a general layer of cinematic polish to the action.

Fallout 4 comes out on release date 10 November 2015 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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CeetjeBeetje says:

You know, I really liked how the grenades worked in Fallout 3. Just so much fun using them in vats.
Having them under the left trigger in Fallout 4, works nice, though. A bit getting used to, because bash is the same button. But getting overrun by a bunch of ghouls and quickly chuck a grenade without any menu hassle, is very satisfying.

Eirik Hagen says:

You can get almost all of these “new” features if you download a couple of mods…

Fear The Reaper says:

4 days bitches

Jeff Mcfarlane says:

I like how everyone ignores new vegas in their comparisons to fallout 4 . maybe the differences seem bigger if you cut out the middle game, like saying “OMG black ops 3 has so many new things to do compared to black ops 1”

Washing Machine says:

I remember in the Fallout 3 in the Ghoul Town there was a guy who told use that his limbs fell off all the time. I am glad that they bull on that.

JakeSnake07 says:

March 2016:

Suprise! Combat sucks, VATS is useless, voiced protagonist doesn’t SHUT UP, companions are annoying at best, missions are repetitive, main plot is boring, speaking is dumbed down, characters are uninteresting, and the BoS has become almost an antagonist in their assholery.

ben hansen says:

with the new nade system i might actually use explosives now.

never bothered in 4 or new vegas (did get up for a grunt perk or w.e. but never used them)

Marko Zec says:

I do hope I will be allowed to join BoS again 😀 damn I love those guys 🙂
lol just remembered of “holy hand grenades” from Monthy Python`s 😀

One Trick Pony says:

How many times are these guys gonna call random enemies super mutant behemoths xD

Sgt Hartman says:

in vagas you could hotkey grenades n other trowin weapons

Cannonbo says:

i just want to know if i can aim melee weapons in vats now.

Matt says:

Andy needs to never wear a hat ever again. I’m scarred for life now, thanks.

Jason Vega says:

only a day and a half left cant wait

Devin Williams says:

I want to not rely on vats for three fourths of the enemies I kill

moist faucet says:

“aha…..there you are…..”

cld1472 says:

You guys went through all these points but didnt once ask the guy behind you. I mean come on guys he is in the game he knows whats up, ask him something.

Blue Sharky says:

Feral Ghouls are the most annyoing pieces of shit in fallout 4, they dont do alot of dmg and dont have alot of hp. But they give you a slight rad dmg everytime they hit you and even if you blast their face with a shotgun they wont stop. and its nearly impossible to block and incoming attack and if you do you still get rad dmg

Lukas Madrid says:

Feral ghouls not ghouls.

Kaine09 says:

Supposed to be Fallout not COD or CS… :/
They keep talking about it being a FPS… It’s not supposed to be… it’s an RPG.

Trollinwithunter says:

6:45 +outsidexbox the eastern and western brotherhoods had different ideals. The eastern brotherhood was about protecting wastelanders

Dmscootr says:

having the radiation making your max health lower is probably what it is as a matter of fact it is in fallout shelter

SolidRavenTV says:

Im making a cool long barrel pistol thing… Like a badass…

lucara says:

I don’t want less Vats. Fallout is a RPG not a shooter!!! You better don’t fuck this up Bethesda

Vanillastump says:

They don’t mention New Vegas. With Iron sights/

Jane Calloway says:

you know what i like about this video?
the people walking out of the sales door an realizing that they’re on film.
(yes, thats a monty python reference. was practically raised by python.)
(can we get a reboot of monty python’s complete waste of time?)

Minister Madden07 says:

I may create a female sniper protagonist who is a scientist who’s very intelligent

Blue Sharky says:

I love how the game is sort of the rpg style (take dmg- give dmg) and at the same time kept the combat flowing and make it feel like a shooter

CrustyModernLife? says:

I hate when RPGs take away the elements that make them an rpg so they can appeal to the run-and-gun audience.
Also you could already aim down the sights in new vegas wtf, and it worked great.
After watching the video, its like they completely ignored New Vegas, which was the same game as 3 but with just about every improvement they mentioned as a novelty.
Why are there always these posers talking about games on these videos..?

Wanweird says:

my theather classes made me get pissed whenever someone doesn’t face the audience/camera when they should jfc

Robert House says:

i wonder how many years it will take to gain the english accent if i moved to England

Kinker Reed says:

all your shitty opinions are killing yet ANOTHER game series yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Profile Name says:

I got a fallout4 add before this who else

nicklas verhovec says:

I could practically snipe president eadon from megaton

Mr. Pickles says:

9. Please don’t take the player out of the game.It’s really annoying.

Brendan S H says:

these guys seem ridiculously casual.
also they are incorrect as to how radiation worked in F3 or FnV

Sentinel Triston says:

No body used first person in fallout 3 SURE

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