EVE Online – Basic Combat and Gameplay

Due to popular demand I’ve decided to showcase one of the later combat tutorial missions. Hopefully you’ll get a good idea of some of the more basic combat concepts, along with some general gameplay insight.

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BigBill Lucas says:

If you love dicking around with the endless screens of photo shop then you will love EVE Online.
If not this is game will have you pounding your head into the wall with frustration as you go though thirty minuets of endless star up screens which end up following you all through the entire game!!
If you think your in for some exciting space war action think again, time to start banging your head into the wall again as your ship slowly and painfully inches it’s way to your objective.
You have arrived and ready fight, “now don’t be hasty” it’s time to dick around more fucking menus!
OK ready to fire and pick up the pace ! ” now don’t be hasty” you will be inching your way through the fight as you fire and receive fire back and if you manage stay awake for ten minuets maybe something might errr explode YIPPEE!!
While the in game graphics are pleasing to the eye, full vision is ALWAYS obscured by two or more menu screens.
However, the movie segments are deliciously epic, sadly this is the games ONLY redeeming factor.
Eve Online is a geek sim that seems to suck the life out of every scifi space war scenario ever invented.

Marky Mark says:

This game is fucking ass

Mandalore1985 says:

Never going to play it because damn, it’s like a space Game of Thrones combined with the tediousness of spreadsheets

CataRax says:

when i get to customzation im messing around with my charater and then my game keeps crashing / not letting me back into the game but its still running like wtf!!!

Augustus Autumn says:

The moment you mentioned Homeworld, I lost my shit. THANK YOU! I NOW LOVE YOU!

Joshua Guevara says:

Ahhhhh, so this is where it was at before overwatch lolol. Expected to find some “fuck you” memes here. Anyway this was so different to watch haha. Take care Sty, dont forget to download heroes of the storm for the Oni Genji skin!

Dimitrisgr98 says:

As much as i want to play this game and support it it looks extremely confusing with dozens of menus and a horrible GUI.
Not to mention the subscription plan.

Law Sen says:

too many hate comments !

Ace says:

Not worth a monthly subscription. Any game that offers a monthly subscription is just stupid. I can’t get behind that unfortunately. I’m out.

Garoto Espertinho says:

esse jogo e bom?

Iwan Dobrev says:

bullshit game

tom hillyer says:

This game looks like it takes alot of patience. Thinking about getting it, I play Farming Simulator alot and that takes patience so I reckon I would thrive

VoidplayLP says:

as someone who has slight experience at the game i have cancer now.

Yudistira Liem says:

excitement starts at 23:44

Ousman says:

This looks so fucking boring, i cant believe people used to have a subscription on this shit

Oded Balter says:

Stylosa?!?!?! Lmao I just got to eve and suddenly I find this video

Death Rager says:

this looks boring as hell.

Nagato Samurai says:

juago aburrido

anthony johnson says:

I’ve owned this game for years… This video is the first Game play I have seen. Let that sink in.

Nathaniel Patterson says:

Not going to lie, this is undeniably boring. I’d love to take part in a heist or espionage, or even just a little skirmish, or point defense. But this looks like a knuckle grinding ball of buttery frustration.

The Heartbreak Time Machine says:

I miss this game but go so productive after I put it down…

w wilson says:

Holy shit sty used to play eve online?

Neuro Mancer says:

Is it true with EVE online PvP that when a ship of yours is destroyed it’s then utterly gone and you have to start all over?

Bronzebeard says:

I fisted myself,let that sink in

Assasinge says:

Holy fuck stylosa has changed

Zinaida Nitikin says:

looks like a very complicated version of battlestar galactica online….

Kraken Targaryen says:

Is this Eve Online or AutoCAD the game?

Khyzer says:

looks painfully boring..

JD_uk93 says:

This looks like the worst game that I’ve ever seen

Jon Cortana says:

I am extremely curious about giving this game a try. I been playing star trek online for years, but this looks way more complicated. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…

Casual Hardcöre says:

This has to be the worse combat system i’ve ever seen in any game..ever.

Chuck Mangione says:

The term “gameplay” should be used loosely here.

Salvatore Escoti says:

this game becomes boooring after a while just like ANY MMORPG!!

- Silver Crow - says:

y cuando empieza el juego o eso es todo ? parece una pantalla de carga con opciones y nada mas

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